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Don’t let addiction tell you any more lies. Recovery is possible. Multi Concept Recovery offers a customized intensive outpatient program in Burbank, CA in the Los Angeles area. Our unique, personalized program allows you to participate in your treatment planning and offers you a treatment experience that is based on your individual needs. Keep reading or call us today if you are ready to stop living in active addiction.

LGBTQ Alcohol and Drug Rehab 

in Burbank, CA

Today more than ever, adults in America identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. In addition, significant numbers of the nation’s adults identify themselves as queer or questioning. Unfortunately, LGBTQ Americans bear disproportionate exposure to certain major health concerns. High on the list of those concerns are substance addiction and damaging substance abuse. The LGBTQ community also has increased risks for mental health conditions often accompanying drug and alcohol problems. 

 With help, anyone can recover from the effects of serious substance problems. However, LGBTQ adults are often affected by underlying issues that increase the difficulty of effective recovery. Unless these issues are addressed, you or your loved one may have difficulty breaking free from chronic substance use. As a result, you may continue to experience significant alcohol- or drug-related harm.

An LGBTQ alcohol and drug rehab in Burbank can increase your chances for success in substance recovery. That’s true because LGBTQ-friendly programs feature a welcoming environment for people of all sexual orientations. They also feature treatment resources designed to help you overcome the obstacles you face. Contact our LGBTQ rehab center in Burbank today to learn more.

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Substance Problems Among

LGBTQ Americans

Research shows that alcohol use is more common among America’s LGBTQ adults than among the general adult population. Members of the LGBTQ community are also more likely to use or misuse certain drugs. That includes street and prescription opioids, as well as marijuana. 

Drug and alcohol problems are also more common among LGBTQ adults. This fact holds true for a variety of substances. However, the size of the gap between the LGBTQ community and adults as a whole is not always the same. The biggest disparity involves alcohol use disorder (i.e., alcoholism and serious alcohol abuse). This disorder affects just under 11% of all U.S. adults. In comparison, more than a fifth of all LGBTQ adults are affected. 

Want to know more about the risks of substance problems in the LGBTQ community? Consult the specialists at Multi Concept Recovery today.

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    Overlapping Mental Illness in LGBTQ Adults

    Additional mental illness is a common concern for anyone with serious substance problems. However, the risks for such an illness are higher for members of the LGBTQ community. In fact, roughly 23% of all adults in this community qualify for a diagnosis of both:

    • Substance abuse or substance addiction
    • A separate mental health condition 

    LGBTQ adults also have increased risks for some of the most severe consequences of mental health difficulties. Those consequences include suicidal thinking, as well as actual suicide attempts. Exposure to these problems is not evenly distributed. For example, transgender adults are far more likely to think about suicide than any other LGBTQ group. 

    Talk to the professionals at MRC to find out more about the additional mental health concerns for LGBTQ adults in rehab. 

    Factors That Help Explain the Elevated Risks

    There is nothing inherent to being LGBTQ that increases your risk for drug and alcohol problems. Instead, the elevated danger stems from society’s reactions to its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning citizens. Specific reactions that can help increase your or your loved one’s risks for substance problems include:

    • Discrimination
    • Social stigma
    • Violence 

    In turn, these socially embedded issues help generate other risks. For example, LGBTQ adults are often cut off from family support. Access to other forms of social support may also be limited. Transgender adults, in particular, face financial repercussions as a result of social discrimination. These repercussions include higher unemployment rates. They also include higher poverty rates. 

    Together and separately, all of these issues can help jumpstart drug or alcohol misuse. As a result, they can also increase your chances of being diagnosed with addiction or substance abuse. What’s more, they can potentially impede your recovery from these problems.

    Have more questions about the unique risks for substance problems in LGBTQ adults? Get answers today at Multi Concept Recovery and learn more about our addiction treatment programs in Los Angeles.

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    How LGBTQ Alcohol and Drug Rehab

    in Burbank Can Help

    Unfortunately, the social obstacles that increase your risks for addiction can follow you into rehab. That’s especially true in facilities that:

    • Don’t have dedicated programs for LGBTQ adults in recovery
    • Fail to follow current guidelines for providing LGBTQ-friendly care

    This kind of care follows several core principles designed to eliminate social biases that can interfere with your treatment. Such principles include:

    • Using language that’s both inclusive and sensitive to the identities of LGBTQ adults
    • Creating a welcoming environment that respects you as an individual and member of the LGBTQ community
    • Avoiding language or actions that help promote stereotypes about sexual orientation
    • Promoting positive self-images and identity that include your sexual orientation

    The Staff at an Effective LGBTQ Rehab Program

    To uphold these principles, an LGBTQ-friendly rehab program must employ a well-trained staff. This staff includes doctors and therapists. It also includes a variety of support personnel. Together, these professionals form a coordinated team committed to helping you meet your recovery goals.

    Options for LGBTQ Addiction Treatment in Burbank

    Like all people in substance treatment, LGBTQ adults can recover with help from today’s primary options for addiction care. These options include various forms of psychotherapy, as well as medication. Specific choices for therapy and medication vary from person to person. 

    You will need a co-occurring disorder treatment plan if you’re affected by additional mental illness. Plans of this type not only support your recovery from drug or alcohol problems. In addition, they provide full support for recovery from the specific illness affecting you.

    At Multi Concept Recovery, we follow all current guidelines for effective, LGBTQ-inclusive treatment. Our team always combines state-of-the-art care with compassion and respect for your well-being. Consult us today to find out more.

    Multiple Outpatient Options

    LGBTQ drug and alcohol rehab can take place in an inpatient or outpatient setting. Inpatient care is recommended for those most severely affected by substance problems and any additional mental health issues. However, most adults can take advantage of a more flexible outpatient program. That’s true, in part, because there are multiple options for outpatient care, including:

    • Standard outpatient programs
    • Intensive outpatient programs
    • Partial day or partial hospitalization programs

    Multi Concept Recovery specializes in outpatient treatment. For more information on our full range of options, talk to us today.

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    Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Burbank

    Substance recovery is demanding even in ideal circumstances. Unfortunately, if you’re an LGBTQ adult, the road to recovery can be challenging. Not only do you face the challenge of overcoming addiction or substance abuse. You must also deal with a significant, widespread bias toward your community. 

    A dedicated LGBTQ rehab program gives you a way to avoid this bias. It does so by following modern principles for inclusive, supportive care. With help from this kind of program, you can gain the full benefits of today’s best options for substance treatment. 

    Need LGBTQ addiction treatment in Los Angeles, Burbank, or any neighboring community? Call on the experts at Multi Concept Recovery. We’re dedicated to upholding the highest standards for respectful, effective substance recovery. And our outpatient model decreases the difficulty of fitting suitable treatment into your daily routine. To learn more about our specialized program, contact us today by phone or through our online form. 

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