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Don’t let addiction tell you any more lies. Recovery is possible. Multi Concept Recovery offers a customized intensive outpatient program in Burbank, CA in the Los Angeles area. Our unique, personalized program allows you to participate in your treatment planning and offers you a treatment experience that is based on your individual needs. Keep reading or call us today if you are ready to stop living in active addiction.

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Statistics suggest that about two-thirds of individuals living with substance use disorders are employed in the United States. This means that many people with substance use disorders are in a challenging position where they feel as though they must choose between their job and getting help. Our professional’s drug and alcohol program in Burbank, CA, is designed to help employees in any field get the help they need while maintaining employment. In this article, we’ll discuss the impacts of work pressure on substance use, why programs like our Burbank professional rehab program make a 

difference, what to expect in treatment, and how to reach out if you or someone you know needs help. 

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Impacts of Work Pressure on

Addiction and Substance Abuse

Addiction can affect anyone, including people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Some start using substances prior to entering the workforce, whereas others start using drugs and alcohol while they are well into their professional lives. At times, a person’s role at work or type of work can even play a role in the development of a substance use disorder. Regardless of whether this is the case for you or your loved one, work pressure can add to concerns related to substance use in more than one way. Here are some of the ways work pressure and substance abuse can intersect:

  • Increased stress. Stress heightens the risk of new or worsened substance use. In the United States, rates of work stress are very high. Some people turn to substances to cope with work stress. 
  • Perfectionism and performance-related fears. Some people turn to substances partially to perform at a fast-paced job or stay awake for a demanding schedule. 
  • Peer pressure. In some workplaces, substance use is normalized. Sometimes, an individual may feel pressured by their colleagues or peers.

Though some fields have higher rates of addiction than others, substance abuse can affect individuals in all lines of work. Furthermore, it is said that 10-20% of deaths in the workplace involve substances. That is part of why substance abuse programs like our professional drug and alcohol program in Burbank are important; there’s no longer a need to choose between treatment and your job. 

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    Why Substance Abuse Treatment for Professionals Matters

    Financial difficulties, effects on physical health, new or worsening mental health concerns, and problems in interpersonal relationships can all result from using alcohol and other drugs. While work pressure can lead to or exacerbate substance use, the effects of substance abuse are serious and can have an impact not only on your physical and mental well-being but how you function at your job, too. 

    Substance abuse in the workplace is linked to the following:

    • Premature death
    • Fatal accidents 
    • Injuries
    • Absenteeism
    • Loss of productivity
    • Job loss

    Unfortunately, putting off treatment can have serious consequences. Getting treatment can help prevent work-related consequences like job loss as well as other effects substance use has on a person’s life. No matter where you start, it is possible to get to a better place.

    New Perspectives Require New Concepts. Request a Callback 24/7

    How Our Burbank Professional

    Rehab Program Can Help

    For many people, one of the hardest parts about getting help is the possibility of leaving the workplace. For financial, familial, or other reasons, not everyone is able to take time off of work. Our executive rehab program in Burbank is an intensive outpatient program designed to bridge the gap for professionals who need help. Since our professional alcohol and drug rehab in Burbank lets you attend treatment in the evening, you are able to continue working while getting care for substance use. 

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    What to Expect

    in Substance Abuse Treatment

    Multi Concept Recovery is unlike any other addiction treatment group. Knowing what to expect in our professional alcohol and drug rehab in Burbank can help you take the leap and request help for yourself or a loved one. Although it can be tough to make the initial move, you deserve to have the weight of addiction taken off of your shoulders. 


    When you enter your treatment program at Multi Concept Recovery, you will participate in a comprehensive intake assessment covering your substance abuse, mental health, and physical health history as it relates to treatment. The initial steps of treatment will focus on reducing and controlling your substance use-related symptoms. After that, you will build a relapse prevention plan. We focus on whole-person healing and growth so that you can not only stop behaviors but increase your quality of life overall. If there’s something that affects your experience with substance use, bringing it up in your treatment program is worthwhile.

    Our approach

    One of the things that sets Multi Concept Recovery apart from other addiction and mental health treatment groups is that clients get to choose their own path. Not only do we offer different treatment programs, but every client gets to play a role in creating their own addiction treatment plan. You and your treatment team will work together to decide on what your care should look like. Clients may engage in individual, family, and group therapies and other practices. Our addiction treatment experts use evidence-based modalities, including but not limited to the following.  

    If traditional treatments don’t resonate with you, our emotional intelligence and mindfulness program could be a strong fit. If you are like many people with a substance use disorder, you may find that other mental health concerns impact your life, too. We provide dual diagnosis care for clients with co-occurring mental health disorders, including those in our Burbank executive rehab program.

    Time commitment 

    We offer outpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs. Each of these levels of care requires a different time commitment per week. Partial day programs are the most intensive forms of non-inpatient treatment, so working professionals typically attend outpatient or intensive outpatient level care. However, some people start out at a higher level of care and move down to a lower, less intensive program when it feels appropriate to do so. As far as how many months your treatment program will last, it depends on the person. Insurance coverage and other factors can impact how long you stay in care. 

    Other programs

    In addition to our executive rehab program in Burbank, we have other specialized programs. These include gender-specific treatment pathways and treatment pathways for teenagers, college students, and adults. We also have treatment options for those facing a myriad of non-substance-related mental health concerns, such as depression, trauma, OCD, eating disorders, and anxiety.

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    If you or someone you know needs help, contact Multi Concept Recovery today. We accept many major health insurance plans and have financing options to make treatment possible for busy professionals or anyone else who experiences concerns related to substance use. Call or text us at 1-866-569-1937 or reach out to Multi Concept Recovery using the contact us page on our website. When you contact us, an admissions specialist will help you verify insurance, schedule a tour, or answer any questions you might have, whether they are about our professional alcohol and drug rehab in Burbank or another program and location. 

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