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Cyd FergusonAdmissions Coordinator

    Cyd Ferguson has been working with people struggling from substance use disorders for more than 9 years. She has been complimented on her ability to build rapport and meet each person who calls the admission line with compassion and understanding, even when under pressure, and maintains a level of professionalism and care guiding that first call to the appropriate level of care he/she/the family needs as quickly as possible.  She has been known to answer the phone in moments when the person on the other line has had no luck connecting with any other facilities. She is the first person you will see upon admission to Multi Concept Recovery radiating love and care throughout the entire process. With an understanding of the demand that exists on her role, when she is not answering the phone or at work she is taking care of herself taking walks, participating in breathwork, spending time with loved ones and family, or just vegging out to a good movie. She has brought a tasteful and respectful energy to Multi Concept Recovery transmitting passion, integrity and care to all who cross her path on the phone or in person.  We are proud to have her representing Multi Concept Recovery in the community and as your first contact with us.

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