Delaviz Eftekhar, ASWTherapist

    Delaviz Eftekhar grew up in Santa Monica, CA, and received their Bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College in Psychology and in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies. In undergrad, they learned about the interaction of environmental/social forces and structures of power with mental illness. Delaviz became an advocate for social justice, community, and personal healing as factors to create a healthier and happier world. Delaviz’s extracurricular involvement focused on creating community on campus and with members of the surrounding town and facilitating friendships as a transformative approach to the discord, divides, and battles of our times.

    Delaviz graduated from the University of Southern California with a Masters in Social Work, with an emphasis on Adult Mental Health and Wellness and on providing integrated care to underserved populations. Delaviz is trained in EMDR and has experience working with individuals struggling with severe mental illnesses, complex PTSD, interpersonal challenges, developmental and cognitive disorders, mood disorders, and loss. Delaviz incorporates mindfulness, whole-body approaches, and DBT to support clients with caring for and reducing the distress of overwhelming thoughts and emotions, and to increase nourishing and positive emotions. Delaviz is passionate about improving individual’s mental health and forging supportive communities as a step in healing the ills of our society.

    Delaviz’s interest in therapy began in high school, as they faced loss, grief, and mental illness, and benefitted from the compassionate and dedicated support of a therapist (and several therapists at different points in life). Delaviz focuses on client’s strengths to build on challenge areas and to support clients in creating a life worth living. Delaviz is determined to bring the understanding, support, and nudges toward insight they experienced in their own therapeutic experiences, to their clients. Delaviz is a firm believer that therapy is for all, and that healing and growth is available to those who put in the effort.

    In their free-time, Delaviz likes to meditate, go to the beach, hike, and is learning to garden.


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