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Jules Kessler, M.A., AMFTTherapist

    Jules earned her Masters Degree from California State University at Northridge. Her passion lies in facilitating and witnessing change in a client’s life, when they are able to transform their suffering into growth. Jules is trained in EMDR psychotherapy; she understands unresolved trauma keeps people stuck in unhealthy life patterns. From clients with more complex trauma to those with a one-time traumatic event that still hinders or shapes their life in a maladaptive way contributing to substance use disorder, anxiety or depression. Along with EMDR, Jules applies CBT and DBT in her treatment and uses a humanistic therapeutic style of unconditional positive regard for her clients. Jules is grateful to have found a place to work like MCR where there is a track specifically for mindfulness and emotional intelligence, which are both integral and integrative towards her therapeutic approach.

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