Michael “Misha” Huffman, RADTCounselor/Neurofeedback Tech

    Misha Huffman comes to Multi Concept Recovery with a vast amount of practical experience in substance use and mental health. He believes that what he does on a daily basis saves lives and as a result shows up every day with his best foot forward ready for whatever may arise. Misha enters into a counseling relationship with people from a Motivational Interviewing approach and allows people the space to make their own decisions while partnering with them on their journey to self-realization. His guidance and personal experience have proven to be valuable to all the people who walk through our doors. Misha has been extensively training with Dr. Bill Scott (Founder of Brainpaint), in all aspects of neurofeedback and has been excited to share the information, practices, and benefits of neurofeedback with everyone we serve at MCR.

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