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Orlando SuarezCounselor

    Orlando Suarez takes a comprehensive approach to his role as a Counselor at Multi Concept Recovery. Over the past decade, he has dedicated his life to wellness coaching, mindfulness meditation instruction, and clinical nutrition coaching through personal fitness training as a master’s Level Certified Yoga and Pilates instructor. Orlando’s personal experience has allotted him the opportunity to value an empathetic and holistic approach to wellness. He incorporates this into recovery coaching and intervention work. Orlando truly believes that balance is key, and he utilizes yoga as a base, in combination with other modalities, to overcome modern day challenges that those who encounter substance use disorder face. He specifically works with individuals who experience a chronic recurrence of their disorder by providing a safe and caring space for them to heal. Orlando works with his people by guiding them to increased self-awareness, a more balanced lifestyle, lower stress levels, higher confidence, enhanced communication skills, improved mental and physical health, and better relationships of all aspects. His goal is to leave his clients with a positive and permanent shift in areas that matter most to them, so they are able to lead a more fulfilling and better quality of life.

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