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Zoë Bentyne, RADTCommunity Relations Liaison

    Zoë Bentyne began her journey in the mental health field in 2015 when she completed her substance abuse counselor schooling at Sober College School of Addiction Studies. She has previously been a counselor, as well as a sober companion, with a focus on guiding women through their journeys and unique challenges they may face along the way. From the day someone arrives to the day they transition out of Multi Concept Recovery, Zoë will be available to them and their families every step of the way.

    Zoë’s aspiration is to assist everyone with discovering a meaningful and lasting recovery. With roots stemming from her mother, who is a person in recovery and musician, she understands the healing power of art and encourages the artist within each person to empower, create, and foster a loving accountability to oneself.

    She has her own practice in mindfulness and kundalini yoga. Both practices require being present helping her to better connect with clients. Zoë has a wide breadth of experience in the field of substance use allowing her to have a better understanding of where each individual client is in their process. Her love of providing a genuine feeling of care and empathy sets her apart from many other outreach providers.

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