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Multi Concept Recovery is not your typical addiction treatment center. We believe in a truly customized approach to treating addiction. Experience has shown us that no two clients are alike, each deserves a truly individualized approach. Learn more about our San Fernando Valley area addiction treatment program.


Addiction is on the rise for many populations, including women. While anyone can benefit from a specific, personalized treatment plan, women may require a different approach that considers the unique challenges that they may face. 

MCR is a rehab center in Burbank that offers comprehensive addiction treatment for women and men. Contact us today to learn more about our gender-specific treatment pathways.

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Why Pursue Women’s-Only Addiction Treatment?

While women can benefit from co-ed addiction treatment, in some cases, women’s-only programs can offer more genuine connections, truly personalized care, and a safe space to explore the issues that might contribute to addiction. 

This is true for not just women, but other specific populations, too. In general, we tend to connect best with the people who we view as similar to us. And, in a world that’s often divided by things like sex, gender, race, and class, finding others who have lived through similar experiences can be a vital part of feeling supported.

If you choose to participate in women’s drug rehab in Burbank, you’ll be able to participate in treatment that’s tailored to meet the real differences that might impact your life.

Challenges unique to women’s addiction treatment

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, women tend to face unique obstacles and motivating factors related to substance use. These differences can be tied to sex, gender, or both.

As such, treatments designed to help women overcome addiction may need to take a different approach to truly address underlying thoughts and behaviors that can fuel substance use.

Examples of things that women’s addiction treatment might acknowledge include:

  • Gender-Specific Experiences or Trauma. Women are statistically more likely to be impacted by domestic violence and discrimination than many other populations, which may increase the overall risk of developing an addiction. Many women attempt to self-treat mental health and other life concerns, perhaps due in part to social expectations and stigma.
  • Biological Differences. Women may respond to substances differently than others due to biological factors like sex hormones and body composition. This can lead to unique health concerns that might not impact other groups to the same extent. For instance, women who use drugs may be more likely to experience adverse effects on their heart or blood vessels, brain changes, or die from an overdose.
  • Differing Substance Use Patterns. Research shows that women often use substances differently than men do. They may be more likely to use smaller amounts of a certain drug for less time (as opposed to large amounts very quickly) before becoming addicted. When this is true, breaking substance use-related habits can become more challenging; the longer a behavior sticks around, the harder it can be to stop.

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    How MCR’s Women’s Addiction Treatment in Burbank Can Offer Support

    At Multi Concept Recovery, our goal is to provide individually-customized treatment plans for those experiencing substance misuse and mental health concerns. We know that every human being is unique and deserves a treatment experience that acknowledges their needs fully and with compassion.

    Though we offer services to clients of any gender, we can specifically work with women who are in need of a sense of community. 

    Through a combination of evidence-based therapy practices and our very own Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Program, we offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to grow and heal. Those interested in women’s addiction treatment in Burbank can connect with our experienced staff to find treatment options that truly make sense.

    New Perspectives Require New Concepts. Request a Callback 24/7

    Benefits of Women’s Burbank Drug Rehab from MCR

    Unlike other addiction treatment programs in the Southern California area, Multi Concept Recovery utilizes a holistic, innovative, and customized approach to recovery. We understand that not everyone can benefit from the same treatment options in the same way, which means we work diligently to find the best solutions for each client. 

    If you’re specifically interested in finding women’s drug rehab in Burbank, you’ll be able to benefit from the MCR difference. Through our programs, you can take advantage of perks like:

    • Personalization. Every client receives a treatment program that’s comprehensive and customized to their individual needs. That means those seeking women’s-only groups and treatment plans that consider the unique needs of women can find just that.
    • Individuality. Every person’s race, age, sex, profession, etc. may play a role in their substance use, and MCR considers these factors when designing treatment to offer the best support possible.
    • Comprehensive Care. With MCR, dual diagnosis treatment is available. We know that the best way to treat substance use and mental health disorders is by treating the person themselves. Our focus is on promoting overall wellness, not just the halting of specific symptoms. 

    Our one-of-a-kind approach lends itself well to supporting those in search of women’s Burbank drug rehab and other forms of client-focused treatment.

    Overview of MCR’s Women’s Drug Rehab in Burbank

    At MCR, we believe in a genuinely customized approach to addressing and treating addiction. To keep this priority consistent throughout a person’s time with us, we offer a variety of treatment programs meant to work for clients of varying backgrounds and levels of need. 

    Because we know there are multiple paths to recovery, we work with each client to determine which of the following options might be the best fit.

    Partial day program

    A partial day program is an intensive, multi-faceted treatment plan that aims to provide consistent support while still allowing clients to carry on with their daily lives. 

    Rather than staying at a treatment facility 24 hours a day, those in partial day programs can attend scheduled therapy, activities, appointments, and other pieces of a treatment plan while still being free to work, socialize, and return home.

    Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

    For many, an intensive outpatient program is the first step toward recovery that comes after a hospital visit or time in a primary care facility. Once withdrawal and other health concerns have been addressed in a medical facility, an IOP can take over. 

    An IOP typically involves group therapy, individual therapy, or both. Clients may be asked to attend a specified number of sessions or hours of treatment each week. During treatment, new coping mechanisms, recovery skills, and peer support can all be emphasized. The goal is to help a client transition back to their regular lives while still mitigating the risk of a relapse.

    Traditional outpatient program

    A conventional outpatient approach to treatment might include individual counseling, group therapy, mindfulness activities, and more. It’s often the final step of a comprehensive treatment plan. 

    At MCR, we offer clients the power of choice, and that extends to the way a client pursues long-term treatment and support.

    Dual diagnosis mental health treatment 

    Properly diagnosing and treating mental health disorders that a person might have can be a vital part of substance use treatment. Mental health concerns can contribute significantly to addiction, and without addressing them, the chance of relapse and future challenges can increase greatly. That’s why MCR offers mental health treatment options in addition to our addiction treatment.

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    Discover Personalized Burbank Women’s Substance Abuse Treatment at MCR

    Women’s-only addiction and mental health treatment can be a powerful tool for recovery, largely because many of the issues that women encounter can differ from those of others. 

    At Multi Concept Recovery, we don’t believe in adopting a “one size fits all” mentality for addiction treatment. We know that each person’s addiction can be as unique as they are. 

    For Burbank women’s substance abuse treatment that truly and fully considers the needs of women, you can turn to MCR. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to help you.

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