By: Eric Moore
January 2, 2018

Alcohol Detox: Why You Need It?

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Alcohol withdrawal is one of the deadliest forms of drug withdrawal. Over time, the body becomes physically dependent on it, which means a person loses the ability to function normally without it. Therefore, many alcoholics experience tremors when they stop drinking. This is just one symptom; the real dangers are not so obvious.

Alcohol withdrawal has a high risk of triggering seizures. Even if a person feels ok, their brain may be struggling to function without alcohol. A seizure can come on suddenly without any warning or signs, so it is very important to ask a doctor before quitting drinking. Even if they try to taper off alcohol, they are still at risk for seizures.

In a detox center, doctor’s use controlled tapers to efficiently bring someone off alcohol and end dependence.

Doctors and professionals usually agree that an alcoholic should not try to stop cold turkey.

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