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Don’t let addiction tell you any more lies. Recovery is possible. Multi Concept Recovery offers a customized intensive outpatient program in Burbank, CA in the Los Angeles area. Our unique, personalized program allows you to participate in your treatment planning and offers you a treatment experience that is based on your individual needs. Keep reading or call us today if you are ready to stop living in active addiction.

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Acknowledging a problematic relationship with drugs or alcohol and choosing to seek help is a crucial first step toward safely achieving sobriety. It is also a decision that comes with added concern and apprehension. One of the first things people often wonder when they decide it’s time to seek addiction treatment is how to pay for therapy. Paying out of pocket for rehab can be costly, and fears about how the financial burden will impact your family are often one of the key reasons people choose to forgo potentially lifesaving rehab. Fortunately, the landscape of financial support for addiction treatment looks different today than in years past. 

Recovering from a substance use disorder can be a complex and challenging journey. Someone with an alcohol or drug use disorder is more likely to experience relapse (or overdose) if they try to quit using or drinking without support from professional addiction treatment programs in Los Angeles. Addiction treatment helps you detox safely and develop and practice ways to manage and cope with cravings and other relapse triggers. MultiPlan insurance coverage can help you pay for the help you need to get well. 

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MultiPlan insurance is a PPO, preferred provider organization, a network that provides commercial and government-sponsored health plans to businesses and individuals who need health insurance. It is essential to mention that MultiPlan is not an insurance provider, so the company does not sell or provide health insurance directly to customers. But, using MultiPlan to secure health insurance through one of their many providers can help you get the health coverage you need to minimize the financial burden of addiction treatment. 

The type of treatment, level of care, and duration of coverage for addiction will depend on the details of your individual insurance plan. The best way to determine whether you will have the lowest out-of-pocket cost is to choose a rehab like Multi Concept Recovery, which is in-network with MultiPlan. When an addiction treatment center is in-network, they have pre-arranged agreements with your insurance company that ensures the lowest possible expense is passed directly to their customers. 

Most PPO plans will offer addiction treatment coverage as long as the addiction treatment program is in-network. Substance abuse treatment services that may be eligible for coverage and typically include detoxification services, medication-assisted treatment, and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs. Coverage for prescription medications is sometimes used during aftercare treatment programs to reduce cravings and help during the early stages of recovery. 

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    Do Rehab Centers Accept MultiPlan Insurance?

    Multi Concept Recovery is in-network with MultiPlan. MultiPlan itself does not pay detox centers or treatment facilities for services provided to patients. If you have MultiPlan insurance, it is crucial to choose an in-network or MultiPlan-affiliated provider for treatment services to ensure you receive the most significant benefits for commonly covered services such as therapy, housing, nutrition, detox, and medication management. There are many medical and mental health providers across the nation that work with MultiPlan. 

    As mentioned above, MultiPlan is not an insurance provider. Perhaps the best way to understand MultiPlan is to consider it a store where you can go to find an insurance company to help you meet your needs. Because each insurance provider may have different service agreements with MultiPlan, it is essential to contact your provider directly to ensure you understand your coverage amounts. Choosing a provider in-network with MultiPlan ensures that needed mental health and addiction treatment services are covered at the highest rate possible, reducing out-of-pocket expenses. 

    New Perspectives Require New Concepts. Request a Callback 24/7

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    MultiPlan Insurance Cover Rehab?

    Because struggling with addiction can be stressful, the favored method of treatment at Multi-Concept Recovery is to allow patients to still function normally and attend work or school and spend time with their families while undergoing treatment. This can be accomplished through flexible scheduling such as evening sessions, along with randomized drug-testing to make sure those participating in the program will not relapse. Programs begin at either 9:00am or 6:00pm to accommodate both day and evening schedules. Our scheduling also allows for privacy. Those receiving treatment at convenient times will not have to go through the process of requesting time away from work or other obligations. This unique process has shown great effectiveness.

    On top of our open scheduling, when you choose Multi Concept Recovery for addiction treatment you are offered the opportunity to participate in your own treatment planning. After thorough assessments, our clinical staff work diligently to provide you with a personalized treatment program that fits your individual needs. As recovering people, we at Multi Concept Recovery understand that when it comes to treating addiction the same treatment doesn’t always work for everyone. Instead, we believe in offering clients a unique chance to experience different therapies and tools that fit their unique situations and circumstances based on their history and personal needs.

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    Treatment That Accepts MultiPlan Insurance

    Seeking addiction treatment without insurance can be expensive. It is also a source of worry for many as they question how to cover rehab expenses. Lack of financial benefits is one of the key reasons many of the millions of Americans who live with drug or alcohol addiction choose not to seek help at a rehab program. An insurance policy through MultiPlan makes addiction treatment and overcoming addiction possible.  

    Your MultiPlan insurance benefits will cover many essential addiction treatment services beginning with detox and continuing through aftercare. If you or a loved one are living with drug or alcohol addiction and are ready to seek treatment at a rehab that accepts MultiPlan insurance coverage. 

    Multi Concept Recovery is a Los Angeles outpatient rehab that provides comprehensive addiction treatment in Southern California. Contact us today to learn how we can help you overcome addiction.

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