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Mental Health Treatment

Mental health is a broad category that includes your psychological, emotional, and social well-being. Your mental health will impact how you feel, what you think, and how you behave. Your mental health can also determine the way you handle stress or anxiety. Being unable to handle things like stress or anxiety or dealing with mental health disorders can often lead to addiction. If you or someone you love is struggling with mental health problems and addiction, it might be time to have both treated together. Burbank mental health services can help.


Substance Abuse + Mental Health Treatment in California

Multi-Concept Recovery does not offer 5150 and psychiatric services. We are a primary addiction treatment and dual diagnosis facility.

There are significant mental health differences between men and women. Some disorders present unique symptoms in women, while other conditions are more common in women, like anxiety and depression

For example, women can experience significant mental health problems because of hormonal changes brought about by menopause, perinatal depression, and postpartum depression.

There are other disorders that affect women differently than men, like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. For mental health disorders like these, women might have more significant symptoms compared to their male counterparts.

Symptoms of mental health problems can vary in men and women but might include:

  • Persistent feelings of hopelessness or sadness
  • Dramatic eating or sleeping changes
  • Decreased energy
  • Irritability
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Digestive problems or body aches that have no other explanation
  • Severe mood swings
  • Excessive worry
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Suicidal thoughts

Mental health problems can be treated. You can make good choices about your health and get the help you need to live a happy, rewarding life. Mental health treatment centers Los Angeles-based work with you to treat your substance abuse and your mental health, knowing that they often occur at the same time. 



How Mental Health + Substance Abuse Are Tied Together

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly 9 million people have co-occurring disorders. Unfortunately, of those 9 million, only 7% get treatment for both conditions, and 60% don’t get any treatment at all.

Why not?

People who struggle with addiction often go to a rehab center instead of getting mental health treatment. Many rehabs don’t focus on co-occurring disorders, deciding to focus on addiction treatment and leaving mental health alone.

Without treating both, the chances of relapse are significantly higher. That is why Burbank mental health services are so important; they understand co-occurring disorders and treat both aspects.



Undestanding Dual-Diagnosis

What Exactly is Comorbidity?

Comorbidity is a medical term that refers to two conditions that exist at the same time. Usually, these conditions are substance abuse and a mental health disorder. This means that many people struggle with addiction, but the addiction is secondary to a mental health disorder. Without getting treatment for things like depression or bipolar disorder, someone might turn to self-medication through drugs or alcohol and accidentally find themselves addicted.

While mental health problems don’t necessarily cause addiction and drug and alcohol abuse doesn’t cause mental health problems, they often exist simultaneously, and one can usually worsen the symptoms of the other and vice versa.

Mental Health problems and substance abuse problems are recognized as chronic brain disorders. So if you struggle with addiction, it’s because your brain has been permanently Changed by whatever substance you were abusing. So your brain starts working differently than it did before. Simply stopping your addiction doesn’t necessarily fix the changes in your brain.

The changes that happen in your brain because of drug or alcohol abuse are usually the same areas of the brain that are impacted by bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression. So, addiction to drugs or alcohol can lead to changes in your brain, which leave you more susceptible to higher rates of mental health problems. Higher rates of mental health problems can change your brain and exacerbate drug and alcohol addiction.

Without adequate screening, it can be difficult for a rehab center to diagnose both conditions and properly treat them at the same time. But getting treatment for both is imperative if you are to enjoy long-term control over your mental health conditions. Research indicates that co-occurring conditions have to be treated at the same time in order for you to enjoy the best outcome.

Integrated treatment often includes doctors and counselors to help you address mental health disorders and substance abuse disorders at the same time. Early detection for both or all conditions can improve your chance of recovery and give you a better quality of life.

With reliable mental health treatment in Los Angeles, you can get help for co-occurring diseases and start down the path toward a better, happier life.



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Our Mental Health Treatment Center in Los Angeles

When you use Los Angeles-based mental health treatment centers, you can expect customized treatment plans. No two people suffer in the same way or have the same complications. That is why reliable Burbank Mental Health Services will focus on personalizing a treatment plan that uses the appropriate mixture of medications, evidence-based therapy, and even holistic practices.

A mental health treatment center in Los Angeles will offer different services, including inpatient and outpatient treatment options as well as a range of different therapies and holistic practices. Usually, you meet with a psychiatrist or therapist to help you better understand and manage your underlying mental health conditions. As you continue with your therapy, you might also attend group therapy or CBT to help you manage things like depression or anxiety. For more severe cases, you might undergo an initial detox to help you with coexisting substance abuse and then start taking medications to manage the symptoms of your mental health disorder.

A reliable mental health treatment center will focus on giving you long-term disability by way of holistic therapies including mindfulness, emotional intelligence education, and other social skills so that you can identify triggers for your mental health disorder and find healthier ways to deal with them. Your treatment plan will typically include weeks if not months of group therapy, especially with people who are suffering from similar mental health disorders, so that you can build a stable Network in an emotionally supportive and social environment. 



At Multi Concept Recovery we work directly with your insurance company to verify what benefits will cover your addiction treatment expenses. Most PPO policies provide coverage, including Anthem, Blue Shield, Health Net, Assurant, Cigna and more for Multi-Concept Recovery’s services. We are currently In-Network with Aetna, Multi-Plan, Beacon Health Options, and Anthem Blue Cross in order to better serve the community and those seeking assistance.


Multi Concept Recovery in Burbank, CA

If you are ready to get mental health treatment in Los Angeles, let Multi Concept Recovery help. At MCR, we offer a range of Mental Health Services, including depression, trauma, and anxiety treatment. We know that one size does not fit all, which is why our Burbank mental health services are individualized. We consider co-occurring disorders you might have, different addictions you struggle with, your culture, gender, spirituality, and mental health. Our therapies are designed to address your distinct characteristics in a way that influences you the most so that you get dignified help with the highest chance of success.

Our facility can help treat more than just one condition. We specialize in dual diagnosis to treat multiple conditions simultaneously, including mental health disorders and substance abuse disorders. We know that your highest chance of success comes from an integrated program that utilizes multiple types of therapies and treatment options, including detox, withdrawal management, medications, and therapy to give you long-term skills for success.

We want you to live your best life, so let us help.