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Health Net Drug Rehab Coverage

If you or a loved one has been struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, Multi Concept Recovery is a Health Net drug rehab that can help. We can provide you with outpatient services in Burbank, including partial day programs, intensive outpatient programming, and other outpatient addiction programs. We offer dual diagnosis and mental health services as well in case you are in need of them. To learn more about how our program can help you, we encourage you to call 1-866-816-7598.

Introduction to

Health Net

Out of the millions of people that suffer from addiction every day in America, only a small percentage of them actually get the help they need. While some people do not seek treatment because they are unable to admit that they have a problem, many people that want to get clean and sober simply don’t because they feel that they cannot afford it or that their insurance provider does not cover it. Thankfully, the way insurance works in drug and alcohol rehab has changed. 

Most people who have health insurance now have some form of coverage for rehab included with their insurance plan, or they have the option to purchase coverage specifically for behavioral and mental health, which includes coverage for substance abuse treatment. 

Multi Concept Recovery is dedicated to giving all our clients the information they need to get the treatment they need to get sober and stay sober for the long term. To help with that, we want to cover some of the different insurance providers we are proud to partner with. As a Health Net drug and alcohol rehab center, we accept a wide array of plans to meet the needs of our clients. 

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What is

Health Net?

Health Net is one of the nation’s fastest-growing insurance providers. The company was founded in 1979, making it one of the newer providers in the country. However, with a network of over 85,000 providers and 3 million customers, it has quickly grown to be one of the largest new companies in America. 

Health Net provides coverage to families and businesses, making them one of the preeminent insurance providers in California. There are now more options than ever when it comes to Health Net addiction treatment in Burbank and the surrounding area.

Multi Concept Recovery is proud to offer in-network Health Net addiction treatment in Burbank. As a local drug rehab center in Burbank, we are here to provide addiction treatment and support to thousands of residents who are struggling with addiction, just like you. 

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Does Health Net Cover

Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

In the past, getting coverage for drug and alcohol rehab was difficult and only covered by specific providers only if you had very specific plans. Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act, all insurance providers are now required to offer some level of behavioral and mental health coverage, including substance abuse treatment. Now customers are able to purchase different levels of coverage for their substance abuse treatment needs. 

As with other types of coverage, substance abuse treatment is subject to co-pays and deductibles according to the policy of the holder, but this means that thousands are able to get help paying for the addiction treatment they so desperately need. 

To learn more about the types of coverage available or to find out how we can help you with your addiction, you can speak to one of our insurance experts here at Multi Concept Recovery or talk with your insurance agent about your policy coverage and the type of care that you think you may need. 

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    How Long Will Health Net Cover Addiction Treatment?

    There are different lengths of treatment for each type of treatment that a person can undergo, and your coverage may pay for different lengths of time. It’s difficult to state how long you will be able to stay in treatment as there are several factors that determine the length of treatment. 

    First, there are certain limits according to your personal insurance plan. Some plans may have an upper limit on how much they are willing to pay for treatment. In this case, your treatment will last until that cap is reached. Some types of treatment are more expensive than others, such as residential inpatient stays. In other cases, your plan may have a maximum length of time that treatment is allowed to extend to, regardless of cost. 

    One other factor that is considered is that your plan will usually only cover what is deemed medically necessary. This means that you need prior approval before beginning treatment. 

    Multi Concept Recovery can work with you and your Health Net coverage to find the best treatment options for your coverage. 

    New Perspectives Require New Concepts. Request a Callback 24/7

    Does Health Net Cover

    Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs?

    Health Net insurance plans cover most types of treatment, including intensive outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Burbank, as well as traditional outpatient treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and more. 

    As we mentioned, you’ll have to discuss your individual policy with one of our policy experts or your provider to determine the length of your treatment, the best options for your unique addiction, and any out-of-pocket costs you may have to pay. 

    If you have questions about the types of treatment we offer here at Multi Concept Recovery, your Health Net addiction treatment center in Burbank, you can give us a call any time, and we’ll be there to help you.

    Does Health Net Cover

    Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

    Mental illness and addiction often go hand in hand. Thankfully, as part of their mental and behavioral health coverage, Health Net provides specific coverage options for dual diagnosis care that is designed to treat mental health issues like anxiety and depression along with addiction. 

    No one should have to deal with mental illness and addiction, but sometimes the two conditions feed off of one another. This makes it impossible to get completely sober without treating both issues simultaneously, hence the need for dual diagnosis treatment. The length of coverage and exact types of treatment that are covered will depend on your plan, but if additional coverage is needed, most customers will have the option to purchase more. 

    We have qualified treatment specialists that are able to provide dual diagnosis care here at Multi Concept Recovery so that no matter what your addiction treatment needs, we have you covered. 

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    Once you’re ready to get treatment, you don’t have to spend days or weeks searching for an in-network Health Net rehab center in Burbank. All you have to do is visit us at Multi Concept Recovery. 

    We have luxury accommodations at our outpatient treatment facility that provides personalized treatment to give our clients the care they need, decrease the odds of relapse, and promote long-term recovery. Now is the time to get the help you need with Health Net insurance and Multi Concept Recovery. 

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