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If you or a loved one has been struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, Multi Concept Recovery is an Aetna drug rehab that can help. We can provide you with outpatient services in Burbank, including partial day programs, intensive outpatient programming, and other outpatient addiction programs. We offer dual diagnosis and mental health services as well in case you are in need of them. To learn more about how our program can help you, we encourage you to call 1-866-816-7598.

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According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 4% of Americans have met the criteria for a substance use disorder in the past year, while about 10% of Americans have struggled with a drug use disorder at some point during their lives. This breaks down to roughly 23 million adults in the United States. This is a substantial number of lives that are impacted by addiction.

Aetna prides itself on the access to care that its members have. This would include access to telehealth appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, there are over 1,000 MinuteClinics that can provide healthcare services. 

Multi Concept Recovery is a Southern California Aetna rehab center that will customize your treatment plan to fit your unique experiences. This can include any mental health concerns that you may be living with as well. We can provide you with a variety of outpatient treatment options, including a partial day program, intensive outpatient program, outpatient services, and a family therapy program. If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, we encourage you to speak with a representative today by calling 1-866-816-7598 today.

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Does Aetna Cover

Addiction Treatment?

Within Aetna’s Affordable Care Act plan, there are certain healthcare programs that are required to be covered. This means that all Aetna healthcare plans must provide some level of coverage for addiction and mental health treatment; however, the coverage you qualify for will depend on your specific plan. Factors that will have a role in your coverage will be your deductible and your required copay.

Aetna will work with its members to help find the correct health care plan within their budget. It is important to know that the plan you have will have a direct impact on your health care coverage. 

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    What Types of Rehabs Does Aetna Cover?

    While Aetna is known to cover treatment for addiction services, it is important to understand that there will be differences among the different plan options offered within the Aetna healthcare packages. 

    Certain Aetna programs cover detoxification, inpatient rehab programs, residential rehab programs, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and continuing care options. 

    As noted above, if you have Aetna as a healthcare provider, you may have differences within your plan that impacts your healthcare coverage. Because of this, we recommend that you contact your insurance provider directly. There are a few benefits to speaking with your health care provider directly. One benefit is that they can provide you with a list of in-network providers, which tends to be more affordable for you. Additionally, your insurance provider will be able to provide you with specifics about your deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. 

    Aetna may require that you obtain a pre-authorization before engaging in addiction treatment services. This is something that your insurance provider would be able to speak to you about if you contact them. 

    Multi Concept Recovery is an Aetna rehab in Burbank, CA. We offer a variety of outpatient treatment programs for individuals who struggle with drug and alcohol misuse and abuse. Our staff will meet with you to better understand your treatment needs, and work with you to develop a plan. We can provide you with a variety of outpatient treatment services, including a partial day program, intensive outpatient programming, outpatient programming, and family services. To learn more about how we can tailor our treatment programs to your needs, call 1-866-816-7598 to speak with a representative today. 

    New Perspectives Require New Concepts. Request a Callback 24/7

    Multi Concept Recovery is an

    Aetna Outpatient Rehab in Burbank, CA

    Multi Concept Recovery offers a variety of outpatient addiction treatment programs in Burbank, CA. This includes a partial day program, intensive outpatient programming, outpatient treatment programs, and other mental health care services. 

    One thing that differentiates Multi Concept Recovery from other addition treatment programs is that they allow you to choose your path in treatment. We offer two treatment paths; a traditional treatment track and an emotional intelligence & mindfulness track. 

    Our traditional treatment track will expose you to therapies that are known to be effective with individuals who are in addiction treatment programs. This can include Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 12 Step and Non-12 Step program education, and Medication Assisted Therapy. This therapy track will encourage you to build your support network outside the treatment center while being active in your treatment program. 

    Our emotional intelligence & mindfulness program will work to help you recognize your emotions, access them, understand your emotions, and better manage your emotions. This can help you better respond to stressors and cope with your emotions in a healthier manner. This treatment track will expose you to mindfulness practices, including regular meditation.

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    Our Aetna-Accepting Drug Rehab

    At Multi Concept Recovery, we have seen that addiction can impact individuals of all demographics. As an example, we have worked with adolescents, young adults, college students, and adults who have struggled with the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Additionally, we have worked with individuals who struggle with a variety of substances, including opioids, prescription medications, and cocaine. 

    Another unique aspect of our treatment program is that we offer a Family Education-Counseling group for clients and alumni to attend with their family support systems. Watching someone you love struggle with an addiction can leave family members feeling worried, scared, and overwhelmed. Because of this, we see the importance of including them in your treatment. Our family program will help your loved ones better understand addiction and the stages of recovery.

    We are an inclusive treatment provider who recognizes the challenges that can arise in early recovery. Our staff will support you during your early recovery and as you progress through the stages of our treatment program. Addiction has likely taken a lot from you, including your time, health, relationships, and finances. Allow us to help you move forward, and not allow your addiction to continue taking from you. 

    Multi Concept Recovery is an Aetna outpatient rehab program in Burbank, CA. We believe that addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that affects everyone differently. Because of this, we believe that it is important to provide each client with their own unique treatment program. If you or a loved one has been struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, we encourage you to speak with a representative today by calling 1-866-816-7598.

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