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Multi Concept Recovery offers you the power of choice when seeking treatment for substance abuse and/or mental health related issues in Southern California. Explore the areas we serve and learn more about how we can help you find the healing you deserve.

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At Multi Concept Recovery, we offer substance use and mental health treatment services through Los Angeles and Southern California. 

Areas such as North Hollywood and Pasadena have many treatment facilities. When choosing a treatment center, it is vital to look at what sets them apart. At MCR, we separate ourselves through our use of specialized, comprehensive treatment designed to address the needs of the goals of each individual client.

For anyone living in Sherman Oaks, Pasadena, North Hollywood, or throughout Southern California who is suffering from addiction or mental health can benefit from the professional care at MCR. Whether you live nearby or are interested in traveling to the Los Angeles area for treatment, reach out to us today.

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Location can be a crucial aspect of any addiction treatment process. Some may find that seeking treatment closer to home makes them more comfortable and allows them to continue to attend to any work or home responsibilities they may have. Others may find that traveling for treatment removes potential distractions at work or home that may distract a person from their recovery.

It is vital to think of you to consider how your needs should influence the treatment that you choose. Regardless of where you live, a rehab treatment center in Southern California provides comprehensive treatment in a relaxed setting. Contact Mult Concept Recovery today to learn how we can help you.

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