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Addiction is a severe problem throughout L.A., especially in Pasadena. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it might be time to look for rehab centers in Pasadena, CA. But which Pasadena rehab center is best? How can places like MCR help?


In Pasadena

Pasadena is no stranger to the drug and alcohol addiction that grips L.A. county. 

  • In 2019 L.A. County saw over 32,000 DUI arrests and 22,000 DUI convictions.
  • One out of every six residents has driven under the influence in the last year.
  • It costs 13 billion dollars for L.A. county to pay for drug and alcohol addiction each year, including prevention, treatment, crimes, and damages.
  • Pasadena sees one drug-related crime happening every hour. In central neighborhoods of Pasadena, drug-related crimes happen to every 1 out of 88 residents. Drug-related crime is statistically much higher in Pasadena than in other cities in Los Angeles County. These crimes include retail areas where petty theft, burglary, and vehicle theft happen regularly.

So if you are ready to look into a Pasadena rehab center to help you start on a new life journey, you still need to know which type of Pasadena drug rehab center is best. 



In A Pasadena Rehab

If you are ready to overcome your addiction, you need to find the right rehab center to meet your needs. It’s always advisable that you know which therapies a given Pasadena rehab center plans to use and how they will help you transition back to your daily life with coping skills to avoid a relapse.

When evaluating an alcohol rehab in Pasadena, CA, remember that every facility is going to vary in terms of what rehabilitation goals they can help you meet, what services they offer, how often the programs run, and what extra services they provide.

When looking into a Pasadena drug rehab center, think about the kind of treatment you need and see if that facility offers programs that fit those needs. For example, if you need an alcohol rehab program, a facility specializing in drug detox won’t be the right choice. Similarly, if you need a facility that focuses on therapies appropriate for outpatient drug rehabilitation as well as the treatment of mental health issues, a facility that only provides medically-assisted detox just won’t work.

To help you with this, make sure you know your goals and why you have chosen to go to rehab. You might need rehab for drug or alcohol addiction and minor withdrawal symptoms. This might be your fourth time trying to quit your addiction, and you need intensive therapy that addresses the underlying family issues that continually lead to a relapse.

When evaluating rehab centers in Pasadena, CA, check on the qualifications of the staff. Make sure you know whether there are board-certified doctors on hand for an intensive hospitalization or detox program ahead of time. If you are undergoing psychiatric help for a mental health problem and your drug addiction, check that the psychiatrists are licensed and that they specialize in whatever field you need most. Don’t be afraid to ask a rehab center that is trying to treat you for depression, whether the counselors or psychiatrists have any experience treating people with depression.

Figure out how they develop treatment plans. A reliable and reputable rehab center in Pasadena, CA, will work with you during an initial evaluation to generate a specific treatment plan. This treatment plan might require one-on-one counseling, detox, 12-step programs, emotional intelligence training, yoga, or family therapy. It usually takes a team of specialists to help you fully kick your habit.

Figure out whether the treatment center offers group therapy or one-on-one therapy. Most reputable facilities have a variety of counseling and therapy options, including both group therapy and one-on-one counseling. Group settings give you social opportunities, emotional support, and connections. They go a long way toward building a network of people to whom you can turn to after the conclusion of your outpatient program.

Similarly, get to know the extent to which family is involved. You might need family therapy as part of your rehab program, especially if you have family that is not supportive of your decision to kick your addiction or if you have a history of abuse and addiction in your family. Relationships built on bad communication techniques to those with whom you are closest can exacerbate addiction. To that end, having good family therapy can give you and your family the tools to create a loving and supportive environment.

It is vital to ask about supplemental services. This usually includes an array of holistic treatments, meditation, yoga, nutrition classes, mindfulness training, or emotional intelligence classes. In many situations, these supplemental services are designed to work in tandem with your counseling and rehab to learn valuable life skills and social skills that you can apply long-term to your successful recovery.




Drug Rehab Center Near Pasadena, CA

At MCR, we specialize in treating not just one condition in isolation but concurrent conditions. We understand that drug and alcohol addiction or abuse in many cases does not happen in isolation. It is usually tied to mental health problems, depression, anxiety, or even past trauma. That is why we have intensive therapy that treats multiple addictions or conditions simultaneously.

We have highly qualified staff, all of whom specialize in different services. When you work with our team to develop a customized plan, things like family therapy are overseen by licensed family therapists. In contrast, N.A. or A.A. meetings are overseen by N.A. or A.A. members.

We develop treatment plans with your help. Before you undergo any of our rehab services, we have an initial assessment where our staff sits down with you to determine the factors that have influenced your addiction. This might include environmental factors, harmful or destructive family relationships, or underlying mental health concerns. Based on your individual situation and the things that have led to or worsened your drug and alcohol addiction, we create a comprehensive treatment plan and address your most critical rehab goals.

We pride ourselves on offering an array of treatment options and therapies. We encourage group therapy for the social opportunities, networking, and stability it offers, as well as one-on-one counseling. The types of therapies that are added to your rehab program will be explicitly based on your goals and your situation. Family therapy might be an option depending on your needs.

But we offer more than this. We understand that the road to recovery is a long one, and it requires long-term lifestyle changes. That is why we focus on giving you access to the education you need to better understand your addiction, what led to it, and how to cope without drugs and alcohol. We provide things like emotional intelligence classes, mindfulness training, even yoga, and meditation so that you can deal with outside stress or anxiety in a healthier fashion.

Taking the first step

is all you need to begin healing from suffering.



Pasadena Drug Rehab Center

If you are ready to take control of your life, get help at our Pasadena drug rehab center. With Multi Concept Recovery, our name says it all: we focus on a multi-concept therapy program, individualized for each person. We work with you to formulate a plan that helps you overcome your addiction and learn long-term, sustainable life skills to avoid relapse. Our highly trained and supportive team uses evidence-based practices to compile a treatment program based on your experiences and the type of treatment you want to aid in long-term healing and recovery.

At MCR, we are here to help you start a new life.