What Happens in Rehab?

What Happens in Rehab?

Among the most common recommendations for beating addiction is rehab, so well known in fact that it’s become sort of a catchall term nowadays. Naturally, it’s great that so many folks are aware of the inherent benefits that rehab can provide. But while treatment is oft-advised, not everyone knows what happens in a rehab program. […]

10 Songs About Drug + Alcohol Addiction

The world has some beautiful and lovely things in it but there is also the dark side that people don’t want to talk about. But that is the part of life we have to talk about if we want things to change and that is the world of addiction. Millions of people today struggle with […]

7 Celebrities Who are Living Examples of Recovery

Addiction is a disease that can happen to anyone, at any time in their lives. It comes into play both during the highs and lows of life. No one ever intentionally becomes addicted to a substance. In many cases, it can be a result of prolonged use of prescription medication that spiraled out of control, […]