By: Eric Moore
August 22, 2017

Causes of Drug Abuse

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Causes of Drug Abuse

Before we think about preventing, reducing, or stopping the widespread epidemic of drug abuse currently sweeping across our society, we first need to look at why it is happening. Volumes of written or unwritten prescriptions and other types of drugs are more accessible now than they were decades ago. Laws are not enforced nearly enough to stop the streets from being filled with drugs; that war has been raging for over 30 years with rapidly growing accessibility and usage by adults as well as our youth. However, there is a more worrisome underlying issue, that most are unwilling to address.

Look at the culture we live in today, notice that drug use and its damaging effects are minimized so much that our youth think using an illegal substance presents no serious threat and has no consequences. Keep in mind that marijuana use is illegal in most states and even still, it is portrayed as something used regularly by popular culture representatives and is encouraged as an example of inclusiveness that is emulated by people; in a lot of cases used as a gateway into harder drugs. Until we finally face what is wrong with the poor examples that are being set and actively take steps to combat against them, addiction will continue to increase and many families will keep getting hurt unnecessarily without any way to prevent it.

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