By: Nick
October 15, 2023

Embracing Spirituality in Addiction Recovery

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In many ways, recovery is about restoration and healing. As you grow in your sobriety, you look to put your past in the rearview mirror and embrace your present and future. You need to dig deep into your recovery toolbelt and find the right tool or tools that will help you achieve that goal. One of the most powerful tools to grow your recovery is to embrace spiritual recovery.

This article will focus on faith-based recovery and how finding purpose in recovery can help you in the long run. To embrace recovery, you must first embrace receiving treatment. Multi-Concept Recovery is a premier rehab center in Southern California. We offer customized treatment plans that are evidence-based and proven to work for anyone who seeks help. Call us today and rise above the ravages of addiction.

Understanding Spiritual Recovery

Finding purpose is the skeleton key that unlocks meaningful recovery. Embracing spiritual recovery helps you find strength and helps you find the right path leading to long-term sobriety. Many drug treatment programs have strong foundations in 12-step-based traditions, which are very spiritual-based. However, you may bristle at the word spirituality and may be very hesitant to take that approach in your recovery.

You may need more spiritual upbringing or background. You may feel the concept of a “higher power” to be too God-centered. You may feel you can get clean and sober without all of that religious and spiritual hocus-pocus. The truth is that you can find a faith-based recovery approach without being overly religious.

How can that be done? The fact is religion and spirituality are two separate things.

Religion is seen as an organized practice involving the use of endorsed rituals that focus on finding a higher power or God. On the other hand, spirituality focuses on personal development and finding one’s true meaning and purpose in life.

When you are recovering from addiction, you strive to be a better and more genuine being. Finding your purpose and meaning in life doesn’t have to mean adopting a strict religious approach. In fact, you can be very spiritual and find ways to incorporate spirituality in addition recovery that you can personalize to fit your needs.

How Can I Incorporate Spiritual Recovery In My Life?

Are you looking to incorporate spirituality in recovery, but are clueless on what approach to take or even where to begin? Spirituality often takes on grand meaning, and it can seem too vast to even comprehend. However, there are simple ways that spiritual practices can meld into your recovery and can enrich your life:

Find Religious Roots

Perhaps the most obvious way to become more spiritual in recovery is to find firm footing in religious practice. Before addiction took control of your life, you may have been an active member of a church. In recovery, you may feel like revisiting those old religious roots or maybe exploring other faith systems. If you decide to reconnect with religion, take time to explore what systems resonate deepest with you.


Contrary to popular belief, prayer isn’t just reserved for those who are of a particular faith. Anyone can pray, and prayer can happen anywhere and at anytime. Prayer is simply a conversation you have with a higher power as you understand it to be. You can pray in your own words or have the aid of smartphone apps or other spiritual literature.

Meditation Practices

Mediation practices help control wandering thoughts and help you focus on the here and now. Like prayer, meditation can be done anywhere and at any time as long as you have a quiet spot and 15 minutes. Simply focus on your breathing and acknowledge whatever thoughts are in your head and simply let them go. When you are truly still and in the present, you can feel stillness, peace, and in the presence of something that is transcendent.

Get Outside

For many people, nature acts as a “higher power.” When you take the time to marvel at the beauty of nature, you feel a connection with something that is larger than yourself. You can connect with nature by hiking, camping, rafting, or traveling to beautiful destinations.

Embrace What You Can Become With Help From MCR

Addiction destroys lives and users become a former shell of themselves. If you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, drug treatment will totally transform your life. MCR is a Southern California addiction treatment facility specializing in evidence-based programs that are proven to work. Our integrated and customized approach to treatment will restore you in mind, body, and spirit.

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