By: Ava
November 6, 2023

How Addiction Affects Families and Relationships

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When we talk about addiction, we focus on the impacts on the user. While this is important, we are only getting part of the picture. In reality, addiction has significant impacts on their families as well as their relationships. To truly help the addict, we must dive deep and see how addiction affects families and relationships.

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Addiction in Families: How Substance Abuse Impacts the Family

When learning how addiction affects families and relationships, we first need to focus on how it impacts the family. First and foremost, it must be understood that addiction is a family disease, no matter who in the family is affected. When addiction enters the picture, the dynamics within the family and family roles are significantly impacted. A family history of substance abuse is an obvious risk factor that makes family members vulnerable to developing a drug addiction themselves.

When a loved one is addicted to drugs, they take center stage in the family. As a result, some family members will do all they can to help them find help. That added attention may cause some family members to become resentful, jealous, and angry. For those trying to help their loved one, they may think paying their rent and bills or covering for their behavior is helping the situation, but it is only making a loved one’s addiction worse. Enabling behaviors fail to show addicts any consequences of their actions. As a result, they will continue to use substances and wreak havoc on the family.

Addiction Impact on Relationships

The second half of the equation centers on addiction’s impact on relationships, especially intimate relationships. Addiction is harmful to these relationships in the fact it increases the risk of domestic violence as well as neglect. In many cases, the person who is being abused will turn to substances to cope with their feelings. Addiction also impacts the intimacy within relationships, which leads to decreased sex drive, more frequent bouts of depression, and lower levels of trust. There can also be situations where partners enable addiction to feel connected and loved.

How does addiction impact friendships? When people are addicted to drugs and alcohol, they may lash out at their friends or become paranoid that their friends are “out to get them”. In many cases, addicts abandon their old friends and find a new group of friends who do drugs or are supportive of their use. There may be some cases where the friends of addicts may start using themselves due to peer pressure and wanting to hang on to their friendships.

The Importance of Family Therapy

Now that we know how addiction affects families and relationships, we can focus on how to help the addict for the long run. The obvious option is comprehensive professional drug treatment. When in rehab, the addict will work on a personalized plan of recovery designed by experienced treatment staff. A crucial part of that treatment plan is family therapy. Family therapy allows the entire family to come together and learn about their roles in a loved one’s addiction. In a safe and non-judgmental environment, the family can work together to resolve issues and learn to heal and grow stronger as a unit.

Multi-Concept Recovery Will Help Your Family Heal From The Ravages of Substance Abuse

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