By: Marta
May 30, 2023

How Can Therapy Help With Addiction?

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When we talk about addiction treatment, there is a lot of focus put on the effectiveness of rehab, including the detox process and individual counseling to correct addictive behavior. Still, one aspect of treatment that is often overlooked is therapy. Many different kinds of therapy are available as part of addiction treatment these days, and finding the right one can improve outcomes for clients and strengthen their ability to stay sober for longer. 

At Multi Concept Recovery, we believe that all paths lead to recovery but that everyone has their own path. That is why therapy is an integral part of what we do here. We know that only by healing the individual can we truly help them move on from their addiction. Addiction treatment is about more than just detoxing from drugs and alcohol. Using addiction therapy and other specialized treatments, we are able to improve our clients’ lives for the better and lead them on a better path to recovery.

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What is Therapy For Substance Abuse and Addiction? 

Therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat addiction. It can consist of several different types of therapies. Individual one on one therapy sessions, mental health counseling, group therapy, peer counseling, and much more. Therapy is designed to treat aspects of the individual and not the substance they are addicted to. 

Therapy is more than just working to remove the substance from the person’s body; it works to correct the effects of drug and alcohol abuse on the entire person. This means taking a multi-faceted approach to treatment instead of a one-dimensional approach like some programs use. 

The best treatment centers don’t just use therapy for some clients; they have integrated therapy practices into their treatment program so that once a person finishes their detox, they can begin to develop the skills they need to facilitate a long-term recovery in spite of past relapses. Relapse is often caused by life stress and outside triggers that cause a person to want to use again. By learning how to deal with these types of stresses and not react by wanting to do drugs or use alcohol. 

Once a person develops these skills, it is much more likely that they will complete treatment and go on to have a successful recovery. 

How Can Therapy Help With Addiction?

Therapy helps with addiction by helping to address the underlying causes of the addiction that aren’t normally touched on in other treatment types. Most of the time, when a person goes into treatment, the focus is on getting them off of the drug they are using and not on fixing the person and reversing the harm that addiction has caused. This is where therapy is different. Therapy works by first treating the person as an individual. 

Therapy first addresses the damage done by the addiction and then teaches the person how to cope without drugs or alcohol. This can involve behavioral therapy or a therapist or talking through issues with others in similar situations. It also helps the person learn to accept what addiction has caused them to do and accept that they have damaged themselves and their relationships, family, and friends. 

Therapy helps the person accept the things they cannot change but also helps them to develop a plan to fix what they can. It starts with self-awareness and reflection and moves on to taking steps to correct the mistakes of the past, make amends, or learn how to move forward without the help of drugs and alcohol.

Let Multi-Concept Recovery Be There For You 

Once you are ready to conquer your addiction, it is time to visit us at Multi Concept Recovery. We will develop an addiction treatment plan that is made for you and your specific needs. We know that personalized treatment offers the best chances of long-term recovery, and by combining our personal touch with addiction therapy, we hope to give all of our clients the best chance possible of overcoming their addiction and living a sober life. 

Don’t let addiction continue to control your life; now is the time to beat your addiction and take back your life with MCR.