By: Nick
February 18, 2022

How Does Aetna Multi Plan Work for Addiction Treatment?

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There are many factors you need to consider when choosing an addiction treatment center. You need to consider the quality of care, evidence-based treatment programs, and the experience of treatment staff in selecting the facility that best suits your needs. While those factors are definitely important, the most significant factor in choosing a treatment facility is whether they accept your insurance. Having solid insurance coverage not only gives you the peace of mind in receiving the best care—but it also can save you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs.

There are many insurance companies that offer substance abuse policies, and Aetna Multiplan is one of the most common. While Aetna is a big and reputable company, does Aetna Multiplan work for addiction treatment? This article will further explore whether treatment facilities accept Aetna addiction insurance for outpatient services and out-of-network facilities. If you have Aetna Multiplan and need to know if it will cover your addiction costs, contact MCR, and one of our admission specialists will be happy to review your coverage.


What is the Aetna Policy Coverage for Addiction?

If you are wondering whether your Aetna insurance work for addiction treatment, the simple answer is yes. Due to provisions under the Affordable Healthcare Act, substance abuse treatment is considered to be an essential health benefit. Because of this, insurance companies are required to cover substance abuse treatment as well as a behavioral and mental health treatment. As a result, your Aetna Multiplan policy will fully or partially cover your substance abuse treatment program. The amount that your plan will cover depends on the state you live in, the specific services you need, and whether the facility is in or out of network, among other factors.


Does Aetna Cover Outpatient Rehab Treatment?

If you are in need of outpatient rehab treatment services, Aetna addiction insurance will cover a portion of your treatment program. Since outpatient rehab costs less when compared to a residential treatment program, you may have more coverage through your Aetna addiction insurance plan. Traditionally, Aetna insurance addiction treatment may have a fixed coinsurance percentage for services. Depending on your plan, some services may not be covered at all.

Keep in mind that there are different types of outpatient programs such as intensive outpatient, traditional outpatient, and continuing care programs. There may be slight differences in each outpatient program’s services, so it is important to check your plan and contact the admissions specialist and the facility to see your exact coverage.


Does Aetna Cover Out-of-Network Rehabs?

If you found a facility that fits your specific needs but is out-of-network for your Aetna addiction insurance plan, you may have coverage for services. However, the coverage you have may be very limited in what is actually covered, as well as the percentage Aetna will cover for services. In general, the rates for out-of-network providers are higher when compared to in-network facilities. Depending on the plan, state, and specific services you need, you will more than likely pay a separate out-of-network deducible that is considerably higher than in-network deductibles.

Also, your coinsurance is higher for out-of-network care. Out-of-network providers can bill you for any services that are over the limit that Aetna recognizes or allows. This practice is called balanced billing. This practice will not occur if you undergo treatment at an in-network facility. Most importantly, there may be more services that Aetna will not cover if you go to an out-of-network facility, resulting in more out-of-pocket costs.


How Will I Know if Aetna Multiplan Works for Addiction Treatment?

Before you make the commitment to an outpatient treatment facility, you need to know what coverage you have for services under your Aetna addiction insurance. You first want to contact Aetna at the phone number provided on your insurance card. You also will want to look at your policy brochure to determine what specific services are covered under your plan. Additionally, it is very important that you speak to the admissions specialist at the facility you are considering attending.

These staff members are experienced in working with many insurance plans, and they can evaluate your Aetna addiction insurance to see what is covered and not covered under your plan. If there are essential services uncovered, the admissions specialist may provide alternatives for payment, including sliding fee scales or scholarships.


Do You Have Insurance Questions About Your Aetna Multiplan Coverage?

Having proper insurance coverage for outpatient treatment is essential for your peace of mind. Knowing that your stay is partially or fully covered will make your treatment experience less stressful, and you can solely focus on your recovery. If you are looking for outpatient treatment and need assistance in determining Aetna Multiplan work for addiction treatment, call the experienced professionals at Multi-Concept Recovery today.

Our experienced admissions team will thoroughly review your insurance to see what outpatient services are covered under your specific plan. In the event that the services you need are not covered under your Aetna addiction insurance, we will work with you to find alternate ways to pay for your treatment. Our mission is to get the help and support you need regardless of your ability to pay. Call MCR today and take the first steps in transforming your life for the better.