By: Nick
November 10, 2022

How to Get Insurance to Pay for Drug Rehab

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The cost of drug and alcohol rehab can be prohibitive for many people. The good news is that there are ways to get insurance to pay for drug rehab. This blog post will discuss getting insurance to pay for drug rehab and finding the best treatment options for you or your loved one.


Does Health Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

First, you should ensure your current insurance covers rehab if you are struggling with addiction. Check your health insurance plan to determine what treatment services your insurance will cover

Most public and private insurance policies will cover at least some addiction treatment costs. However, it is essential to read your policy carefully to see what is included and what is not. 

Some policies may only cover a certain amount of the cost or may only cover certain types of addiction treatment.


Getting Your Insurance to Pay for Your Drug Rehab

If you are unsure whether your health insurance policy covers drug rehab, you can call the customer service number on your card and ask. 

You can also ask your employer if your health insurance policy covers rehab treatment. If you are unsure how to interpret your policy, you can ask an addiction counselor for help.

There are a few things you can do to increase the chances that your insurance will cover substance abuse treatment. 

Get a Referral

Make sure to get a referral from your primary care physician. Most insurance companies are more likely to approve treatment if a doctor recommends it.  

Find an In-Network Drug Treatment Center

You should also try to find an addiction treatment center that is in-network with your insurance. 

In-network providers have agreed to accept a specific insurance plan’s terms and conditions, so you may pay less out of pocket if you use one of these providers.

Call our staff at Multi Concept Recovery at 1-866-816-7598 now to verify your current insurance coverage. 

Appeal a Denied Claim

If your insurance company denies your claim for substance abuse treatment, you can appeal the decision. 

Since the appeals process can be complex, getting help from an experienced addiction counselor or treatment advocate is essential.


What If My Insurance Doesn’t Cover Drug Rehab?

If your health insurance plan does not cover drug rehab, there are other options to help you pay for your rehab cost. 

Sliding-scale Fees for Service

Some addiction treatment programs offer sliding-scale fees based on your income.  

Financing Options

You can also look into financing options to help you pay for drug rehab. Several companies offer loans specifically for addiction treatment. 

These loans can help you cover the cost of treatment until you can get back on your feet.


How to Find in-Network Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

If you have health insurance, you should start your search for rehab programs by looking for in-network providers. 

You can use your insurance company’s website to find in-network providers. Most insurance companies have a search tool that you can use to find health plan providers in your area. 

You can also call the customer service number on your insurance card and ask for a list of your plan’s in-network drug and alcohol rehab centers.

Furthermore, your insurance company’s customer service line can answer frequently asked questions about rehab coverage, such as how much your rehab insurance pays. 

If you are struggling with addiction, don’t wait to get help. Several resources are available to help you pay for drug and alcohol rehab. 


Multi Concepts Recovery Accepts Most Major Insurance

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, getting help as soon as possible is essential. Multi Concepts Recovery is a leading provider of drug and alcohol rehab services. 

Speak with our dedicated staff if you are concerned about how to get insurance to pay for drug treatment. 

Whether searching for an Aetna drug rehab or addiction treatment covered by Multiplan, MCR can work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your needs and budget.

Call us today to learn more about our treatment programs and how we can help you get on the road to recovery!