By: Nick
April 29, 2022

Is There Partial Day Alcohol Treatment Programs?

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If you are struggling with alcohol abuse, you have many choices when it comes to treatment. While there are many excellent options for alcohol treatment, finding the right level of care can be a challenge. In your research, you may see that inpatient treatment is seen as the “gold standard.” While the programs and services offered may give you the best chance of finding long-term sobriety, what if you can’t spend considerable time away from family and work? Is there a level of care available that offers the intensive services found in a residential program but still allow you to go home each day?


A partial day rehab program may be the perfect option for you. This article will further explain what partial day treatment is and if there are those programs for alcohol abuse. If you have further questions about partial day alcohol treatment programs, call MCR toll-free right now.


What is Partial Day Treatment?

Partial day treatment can be seen as a hybrid of residential treatment and traditional outpatient programs. Burbank outpatient treatment delivers the intensive programming and services found in an inpatient program, but still allows you to live at home. Partial day treatment programs are a hospital-based form of rehab. Along with the intensive programming, partial day rehab programs also offer mental health services that are perfect for those dealing with dual diagnosis disorders.


Partial day rehab is similar to intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), but those in partial day treatment spend more time per week going to treatment programming. Those who attend a partial outpatient rehab program can expect to attend programming 20 hours a week compared to just 9 hours on average per week for an IOP. These programs feature one-on-one therapy, group therapy, medication management, drug screening, and family therapy and programs.


Is There Partial Day Alcohol Treatment Programs?

While not a well-known treatment option, there are many rehabs that offer partial day alcohol treatment programs. Typically, these programs are mostly found in rehabs with a solid and comprehensive outpatient program. Partial day alcohol treatment programs address the acute addictive symptoms of alcohol abuse while allowing people to go home and attend to their family and work obligations. An advantage of this specialized form of outpatient alcohol treatment is it employs group therapy approaches which can be extremely beneficial for people suffering from alcohol abuse.


Partial day rehabs are staffed by experienced staff, which includes nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, and other health practitioners. In many cases, the patient’s anonymity is preserved to minimize or even eliminate the stigma associated with seeking professional help.


What are the Signs of Alcohol Abuse?

The signs of alcohol abuse can be difficult to spot. Many of those who misuse or are addicted to alcohol are experts at hiding their problem drinking from family and friends. Despite their best efforts, there are some symptoms of alcohol abuse that are hard to ignore. Some of the most common tell-tale symptoms of alcohol abuse include slurred speech, impaired coordination, impaired thinking, and increased secrecy and hiding drinking from others. Other signs include:

  • Engaging in high-risk behavior.
  • Having denial about their drinking.
  • Becoming increasingly defensive when confronted about their drinking habits.


When these signs appear, it is crucial to find professional help as soon as possible. Alcohol abuse can become alcohol addiction if not addressed in a timely manner. Alcohol abuse can result in serious physical and mental health issues down the road. In some cases, alcohol abuse can be life-threatening.


How to Find Partial Day Alcohol Treatment Programs

As stated earlier, partial day alcohol programs are available if you or a loved one are seeking this level of care. However, it is important that you find an outpatient alcohol rehab that has a proven track record of success. Additionally, the programs and services provided must be evidence-based and extensively tested. Most importantly, partial day programs must offer individualized treatment plans that consider your unique needs.

Multi-Concept Recovery is an outpatient rehab facility in Southern California that provides a customized and dynamic approach to substance abuse and mental health. We understand the complex and progressive nature of addiction, and we also understand that you may need intensive and effective treatment services but need the flexibility to stay at home for your family and work obligations. Our partial day rehab programs will empower and motivate you to transform into the person you deserve to be. Call us to learn more about partial day rehab treatment in Burbank, CA.