By: Ava
December 6, 2018

Discovering The Connection Between Mental Health and Drug Abuse

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One of the largest growing diseases in the nation is Addiction. Leaving its victims unable to control their desire for alcohol or their drug of choice, recent research conducted has linked the disease of Addiction and substance abuse to mental illness. When someone takes on substance abuse, it alters the user’s mental health and brain chemistry in addition to their physical health. Fortunately, there are addiction treatment and drug rehab options available for those who suffer from co-occurring mental illnesses and substance abuse.

Common Mental Illnesses Associated With Addiction

  • Depression
    • Psychotic Depression
    • Postpartum Depression
    • Season Depression
    • Bipolar
  • Anxiety
    • Social anxiety disorders
    • Generalized Anxiety
    • Phobias

Common mental illnesses that are associated with addiction are depression and anxiety. Depression is a mental illness that negatively affects your mood and a loss of interest. Individuals who are depressed will have symptoms from stress-eating to not eating at all. They are often tired and uninterested and battle sleepless nights. Because depression can range from mild to severe symptoms, the choices someone makes because of their illness can often times be negative.

Those suffering turn to these drugs in an attempt to numb negative feelings, or feelings altogether. Many times they are looking for help but unfortunately, make the situation more severe. There are numerous types of depression, but the most common are postpartum, seasonal, and bipolar disorder. These depressions range in characteristics from development after major life changes, changes in the weather, and a mental state that allows an individual’s mood to suddenly shift.

Anxiety is another mental illness that is facilitated by emotions and fear. Like depression, those suffering from anxiety find themselves attempting to escape their emotions and nerves through a variety of substances. Anxiety disorders can stem from social disorders, emotions, or past trauma that have negatively impacted the nerves of a person.

Generalized anxiety is usually stress-related and requires stress management for treatment. This can sometimes cause panic attacks or even panic disorder. Finally, phobias are another type of anxiety and can stem from objects to atmospheres. Phobias often times are caused because of a traumatic fear. No matter what anxiety is, it is a relevant and common mental health disorder or illness.

How Untreated Mental Illness Can Lead to Drug Abuse

Becoming intoxicated or high on some type of substance causes a temporary loss of control over emotions, which sounds opportune for someone living with a mental illness based on emotions. While the aforementioned mental illnesses can be successfully treated, many of those suffering from the disease often go without quality treatment.

When this happens, those suffering turn to substance abuse of some form.  What these individuals are seeking is some form of relief from their disease and the emotions they are experiencing. For the moment, the risk of using a substance and developing an addiction is worth the reward of relief and escaping the pain caused by their illness.

Alcoholism and substance abuse provide temporary relief of these emotions, encouraging these individuals to continue seeking them out and developing an addiction beyond their control. Unfortunately, once someone suffering ventures into the realm of addiction, bringing them back through drug rehab and addiction treatment can be tricky. 2017 saw a heavy year, with overdose-related deaths at approximately 72,000, and possibly more.

Why Your Mental Health Affects Your Physical Health

When someone suffering from mental illness develops an addiction to a drug substance or alcohol, the body is physical put under pressure to keep surviving under such conditions. From common symptoms such as poor nutrition and dehydration to placing a significant strain on major organs, substance abuse is fatal to the body.

Your heart, liver, and other major organs will begin to fail after consistent use of these substances continue in your body. For those who are able to find recovery in addiction treatment find themselves falling victim to heart and lung disease later in life because of these choices. For women, infertility can be a permanent effect of drug use even after recovery.

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