By: Ava
September 13, 2023

The Benefits of Family Involvement in Recovery

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When an addict enters a Los Angeles drug treatment program, the obvious goal is to help them address and ultimately overcome their addiction. While getting the addict clean and sober is the top priority, it only paints half the picture. For the addict to achieve long-term sobriety, there must be family involvement in recovery. Making the family part of the recovery process allows each family member to grow and heal, and it provides a solid support system for the addict when they leave treatment.

This article will discuss the involvement of family addiction recovery as well as the benefits of family involvement in recovery. If your loved one is struggling with substance abuse, call MCR today.

The Importance of Family Involvement in Recovery

On the surface, having the family involved in the recovery process seems a bit unusual. After all, the addict himself or herself is the one struggling with addiction. Upon closer inspection, having family involvement in recovery is crucial to a loved one’s long-term sobriety. Family therapy for addiction recovery is crucial in the fact that the family itself often plays a role in a loved one’s addiction. There could be a family history of substance abuse or there could be other family members still actively using substances.

Another reason that family involvement in recovery is crucial is so family members can understand their role in a loved one’s addiction. When a family member is addicted to drugs, the main focus within the family is on the addict. This creates a wide range of behaviors and emotions. Some family members may enable the addict by giving them money for rent and bills or trying to cover their behavior. Other family members may feel great resentment because all the attention is focused on the addict. Additionally, other family members may feel tremendous anger.

Ultimately, family involvement in recovery increases the chances of a loved one entering treatment as well as completing treatment. As a whole, the family can be involved in various stages of drug treatment. Family can be involved in the intake process, during family counseling and therapy sessions, and they can be involved in aftercare treatment programs.

The Benefits of Family Involvement in Recovery

When the family is included in the recovery process, they will experience tremendous benefits that help them heal and grow as a unit. The biggest benefits of family addiction treatment programs are the following:

Gaining Knowledge

Perhaps the biggest benefit of family therapy for addiction recovery is that family members gain knowledge about their loved one’s addiction. During treatment, the family learns about the complex nature of addiction as a disease. With this knowledge, family members cultivate a deeper sense of understanding and empathy for their loved one.

Establish Healthy Communication Habits

Another benefit of family involvement in drug treatment is recognizing unhealthy patterns of communication. During therapy sessions, family members learn the value of active listening and emphasize healthy communication skills. Also, families learn to establish healthy boundaries to avoid enabling behaviors to occur.

Build Stronger Relationships

When the family is involved in drug treatment, they can share their feelings and emotions in a safe and non-judgmental space. Within this space, family members can work out issues, gain a greater understanding of each other, and build stronger relationships.

Improvement of Mental Health

A loved one’s addiction creates a tremendous amount of anxiety, stress, and frustration within the family. During drug treatment, family therapy can help each family member identify the issues that impact their mental health. Once those issues are identified, therapists can help them cultivate the tools and coping strategies needed to improve their mental health. This can be done on an individual basis as well as in a group.

MCR Will Help Your Family Heal

Drug addiction destroys the lives of the addict and the lives of those they love the most. If your loved one is losing their battle with addiction, now is the time to get them and your family the help and support you desperately need. Multi-Concept Recovery (MCR) is a top-tier outpatient rehab featuring evidence-based substance abuse and mental health treatment programs. No matter the severity of your loved one’s addiction, our experienced team of professionals will be with you every step of the way, providing the tools and support your family needs to move beyond addiction and toward long-term health and happiness.

Call MCR today and help your loved one and family heal.