By: Ava
December 5, 2019

The Benefits of Having Good Emotional Intelligence in Sobriety

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For those who are yet unfamiliar, the concept of emotional intelligence describes the capacity we have to identify, employ, understand, and control our emotions in the most positive way possible. Ideally, we should all be striving for a high level of emotional intelligence as this allows us to easily overcome conflicts, communicate more effectively, empathize with people from all walks of life, and reduce stress and anxiety, among other things. Moreover, having good emotional intelligence can help us immensely when we are overcoming addictions. That said, the following is a list of benefits of having good emotional intelligence while getting and staying sober.

Identifying Your Emotions

One great benefit of having a high emotional IQ is that it allows you to more readily identify your emotions. Given that many people use drugs to numb or alter their emotions, it can become difficult to identify these emotions for those who are trying to ward off drug addictions. However, by developing a high emotional IQ, you will be able to more readily recognize these emotions, which, thus, makes it possible for you to better manage your emotions overall.

Learn to Regulate Emotions

One of the top benefits of having good emotional intelligence in sobriety is that it allows you to better regulate your emotions. Given that an array of negative emotions can trigger cravings and binges, learning to better regulate your emotions can be great for those who are trying to stay sober. While there is no way to get rid of negative emotions altogether, having a high emotional IQ can help you learn to better manage your emotions, no matter how intensely negative they may be.

Getting Rid of Negative Emotional Patterns

Similarly, many people who have battled with addictions tend to be stuck on emotional autopilot. In other words, you may be so used to responding negatively to certain emotions that you find yourself responding in the same manner, even after you have been sober for quite some time. Developing a high emotional IQ will allow you to create better ways to cope with unsavory situations or emotions. For instance, if arguing with someone typically causes you to feel angry and triggers your addictions, you could learn to argue more positively and avoid feeling triggered based on mere disagreements.

Developing Better Social Skills

Another great benefit of having a high emotional IQ, as it pertains to addiction recovery, is that it allows you to develop better social skills. Given that many people who battle with addictions have used substances in most social situations in the past, their social skills may be lacking once they become sober. This can make it difficult for them to make friends and maintain their much-needed support network. However, by taking the time to develop your emotional IQ, you will be more empathetic and alert, which will enable you to become more personable and attract and maintain better relationships with your friends and family. Over time, the positive people you draw into your life will become your support system. This will give you a lot more resources and methods of staying focused on your sobriety overall.

Having a high emotional IQ is important for various aspects of a healthy life. In particular, those on the road to addiction recovery can benefit because it allows them to be better in tune with the emotions of themselves and others. In the long run, these people will begin to develop a better perception of the world as well as themselves. And rather than resorting to delving into addictions when they are faced with negative thoughts and situations, they will be able to process and deal with these emotions in a manner that is more beneficial to all.

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