By: Ava
March 28, 2019

Why Los Angeles is a Great Place to Recover

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Making a change in your life, like admitting you need help to cut drugs and alcohol out and live healthier, is a big step. If you think you are ready to take this on, the first thing you’ll need to do is decide where you will seek addiction treatment and live your life once you’re in recovery. Los Angeles can be a perfect choice for you if you’re looking to get high-quality addiction treatment from experts in the field and set yourself up for success in the future. Here are the top reasons Los Angeles is considered one of the top places to recover.

 It’s Easy to Make New Friends

After leaving a treatment facility, many addicts go right back to their old life and socializing with the same friends they had when they were actively using substances. This is one of the main causes some 90 percent of people in recovery relapse at some point. Seeking treatment and learning to live without drugs or alcohol can be much easier without these outside influences to contend with. This does not mean you have to stop going out and having fun, but you may have to meet new friends who have different interests. Almost four million people live in the Los Angeles area, making it a great place to connect with new friends and join groups that encourage your interests.

Changing Your Lifestyle Can Be Simpler

One of the key parts of a successful recovery is breaking old bad habits. Los Angeles is also a perfect place to spend some time re-programming your body and changing your lifestyle. If you hail from another part of the country, coming to Los Angeles to seek treatment can be a restorative experience for you.  Nestled in Southern California’s sweet spot, the weather in Los Angeles is beautiful and mostly sunny year round. This makes it easy to get out of the house and find activities to do while staying sober. Hiking, biking, fishing, and camping are all popular activities with Southern California residents and the physical demand on your body helps to distract you from the need you may feel for drugs and alcohol. It’s been proven that physical activity gives your body endorphins, which produce a natural high in your system, helping you feel cheerful and happy. Many of the communities around Los Angeles and people who reside in them are focused on healthy living, making it easier for you to meet new friends who share your new interests and hobbies.

You Can Enjoy Culture, Sports and the Arts

Living a sober life, you’ll have time to engage in new passions and discover new interests. LA is a great place to see and celebrate the arts at every level. Not only is it the home of film making, but it’s also a hub for music, dance, sports and other types of entertainment. From new and emerging talent to some of the biggest bands and singers in the world, you can see performers from every category. World class sports teams, like the LA Lakers and Rams, call the city home. There’s even fine architecture and museums if you want to experience cultural exhibits and learn more about world history. When you’re done experiencing all the city has to offer, you can enjoy fine global cuisine from the city’s diverse population. Whether you like casually grabbing a bite at a food truck or sitting down to an authentic meal, you can find plenty of places to enjoy eating without drinking.

Los Angeles can be the perfect place to go through addiction treatment and recovery. With the expert help that is available here and the lifestyle changes you can make, your chances of being successful in your new life are high. Contact us today to receive more information for yourself or a loved one.