By: Ava
January 10, 2019

How Yoga Can Benefit Addiction Recovery

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In today’s society, attempts at addiction treatment are as diverse as the different substances found in addiction. When attempting to stay recovered, those who suffer from addiction have found success in adding yoga to their addiction treatment. Yoga, a popular form of exercise and lifestyle, is more than a physical workout. Yoga was originally designed as a physical method to connect the mind and body as one entity. Some former addicts are finding addiction recovery easier to management when adding this yoga lifestyle to their addiction treatment.

What is Yoga?

A lifestyle that began over 2,000 years ago in the Indian culture, Known to have eight limbs in the philosophy, this lifestyle teaches and guides its student into a study of the discipline of the mind and body. Many who practice with yoga find it to be a type of therapeutic exercise and are considered to be in the third limb of yoga promoting physical health. While physical gain may have been the initial goal of most who practice and attend classes, continued sessions of yoga begin to discipline the mind as well as the body. Because of this benefit, Yoga has been the leading natural therapy option over the last decade.

Benefits of Yoga

  • self-awareness
  • self-discipline
  • stress relief
  • pain relief
  • better physical health
  • proper sleep cycles
  • diminishes fatigue

The physical benefits to yoga are outstanding as it promotes a variety of positive health aspects. From physical strength to energy levels, even promoting less fatigue and better sleep are benefits to the practice of yoga. Some of those that practice yoga only do so for physical fitness, but others take it to a deeper and more spiritual level where they can develop their mind and breath with their body, as well.

Yoga also promotes a healthy mind, as when practiced thoroughly, self-discipline and self-confidence can flourish in a yoga student’s mind. For a person who experiences disorders like panic and anxiety, yoga naturally combats these disorders and prevents them from being triggered by studying the teachings of discipline and confidence.

Benefits to Those in Addiction Recovery

Because of the drastic growth in yoga over the last decade, and the results it has had for those practicing, many addiction rehabs have decided to utilize this natural therapy in conjunction with traditional addiction recovery treatment options. For an addict going through addiction recovery, a natural treatment such as yoga can be just what the doctor ordered to assist with their recovery. In addition to the support systems offered during addiction treatment, yoga gives the individual the ability to self-reflect and self-promote in a unique way. THrough yoga, these addicts find a way to control their mind and body, giving them the control they need to avoid future relapse. Offering this lifestyle of self-discipline and exercise promotes all positives traits desired when addicts seek to recover and hope to gain.

When the addiction treatment is over and they have released back into society, yoga is something they can carry with them, assisting with relapse and promoting a sober and disciplined lifestyle. These individuals have the resources from their rehab as well as the self-discipline and confidence to take on society and deflect a relapse. Yoga does not require medications, so it is easy for these individuals to carry it over in their lives after rehab. Many of those fighting addictions find anxiety to be triggers for relapse. Continued practice of yoga allows these individuals to fight against these disorders and beat the anxiety as they resurface back into society.

Multi Concept Recovery Encourages Yoga in Addiction Recovery

Multi Concept Recovery promotes self-disciple and self-confidence through the use of yoga in addiction treatment. Our facility is located in the Burbank community of Los Angeles. If you or someone you love needs recovery, contact us today for more information.