By: Eric Moore
August 15, 2017

Drug & Alcohol Addiction in America

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Addiction in America

One of the largest problems we face today is the continuing widespread of drug and alcohol abuse. No one likes to talk about it, until it hits home with them or someone they love and care about. It is possible that society is contributing to the problem by downplaying the damaging effects of recreational drugs, leading people into the dangers of underestimating their threat. Each year, drug addiction and alcoholism are responsible for millions of serious illnesses and injuries among people in the United States. The big picture of this epidemic can be seen in a variety of social settings everywhere.

Prescription drug abuse is also a concern because while attempting to relieve other health issues, patients run the risk of addiction. No matter how the abuse starts, it is critical to seek help in order to avoid many of the consequences that lie ahead, like loss of family, finances, freedom and even life itself. A wide range of treatment options are available for alcohol and drug addiction with varying levels of care. Multi Concept Recovery, we are here to help.