How to Go About Maintaining Sobriety

How to Go About Maintaining Sobriety

Getting sober and staying sober are different things. The road doesn’t end once rehab does. Maintaining sobriety takes nurturing and it’s very much an investment in yourself that pays greater dividends the longer it lasts. Sustained sobriety takes planning, care and attention to both your inner world and the external triggers that will doubt land […]

Heroin Addiction and Depression: Are the Two Related?

Heroin Addiction and Depression: Are the Two Related?

Short answer: yes, heroin addiction and depression can be related. Taking a step further back from heroin specifically though, it’s safe to say that mental disorders and substance use disorders, in general, are entangled to varying degrees. It’s known as comorbidity or as dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders. In brief, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) […]

What Happens in Rehab?

What Happens in Rehab?

Among the most common recommendations for beating addiction is rehab, so well known in fact that it’s become sort of a catchall term nowadays. Naturally, it’s great that so many folks are aware of the inherent benefits that rehab can provide. But while treatment is oft-advised, not everyone knows what happens in a rehab program. […]

What to Expect After EMDR in Addiction Treatment

Trauma is often intimately connected and intertwined with addiction. For a sizable subset of those suffering from a substance use disorder (SUD), the genesis of their current problems – and why they’ve turned to drugs or alcohol to cope with it – can be tied to trauma in their past. A long-buried event tearing their […]

How to Help Someone With Addiction

How to help someone with addiction

It feels like being lost in the wilderness. The life of a loved one being thrown into turmoil – a son, daughter, aunt, uncle, mother, father, best friend – also throws your life into disarray. That stability you took for granted all of a sudden shattered by the realization that addiction is in some ways […]

A Guide to the Different Categories of Drugs

A guide to the different categories of drugs

From potency to their effects, all drugs are not created equally. Here we’ll help you understand some of the various categories of drugs that are most commonly used and abused. All of which have a high potential for cultivating a serious addiction. Stimulants These drugs, generally known as “uppers” speed up the body’s system as […]

What Is Sobriety?

What is sobriety?

While in a certain sense it’s abstract, sobriety is easy to define in the straightforward sense. It’s a person who isn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol and who doesn’t take drugs or drink. Sobriety is the state of being sober in other words. That’s where some abstraction comes into play because oftentimes you […]

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms: From Mild To Severe

Alcohol is a toxin and the process of ridding your body of it isn’t necessarily a pleasant one. Your body has gotten used to alcohol being in the system, you’ve grown dependent on it to function. Stopping your intake, therefore, comes with consequences aka withdrawal. Depending on how severe your alcohol use disorder is – […]

Discovering The Connection Between Mental Health and Drug Abuse

One of the largest growing diseases in the nation is Addiction. Leaving its victims unable to control their desire for alcohol or their drug of choice, recent research conducted has linked the disease of Addiction and substance abuse to mental illness. When someone takes on substance abuse, it alters the user’s mental health and brain […]

Alcohol Detox: Why You Need It?

Alcohol withdrawal is one of the deadliest forms of drug withdrawal. Over time, the body becomes physically dependent on it, which means a person loses the ability to function normally without it. Therefore, many alcoholics experience tremors when they stop drinking. This is just one symptom; the real dangers are not so obvious. Alcohol withdrawal has […]