By: Eric Moore
March 14, 2018

Evening Intensive Outpatient Program for Working Professionals

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Substance use disorders are complicated issues that impact all areas of a person’s life (work, health, relationships, finances, etc.) Intensive Outpatient Treatment centers are an excellent option for those who struggle with addiction, or substance use, but are unable to stop working and/or attending school.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment can vary but basically provide assistance a several times a week for a limited period of hours and then the individual returns home to go to sleep. Intensive Outpatient treatment is appropriate for those whose condition is sufficiently stable, with mild to moderate symptoms, and are willing to participate in their care. The following are some benefits of attending a treatment center in an outpatient setting:

·        Still able to spend time with loved ones (family is important).

·        Evening IOP allows for people to work in the day and attend in the evenings.

·        Provides a structured environment where the individual is held accountable and randomly tested throughout the week.

What determines whether a person needs inpatient/residential treatment versus outpatient care?

Well, the simplest answer to that question is the severity of your condition. Some may say the key factor is the person’s living situation. Living situations may include either a sober living environment or the person’s home. As addiction is a family disease, a person’s home may not be the best place for them early on in their recovery and so it is with a sober living environment, or recovery residence, that the person will be able to gain a foundation while living in a sober environment and working on the family healing piece with the clinical staff at the outpatient center. Intensive Outpatient Treatment encourages the individual to seek out and utilize resources in the local community for support and to guide them on their path to recovery.

At Multi Concept Recovery we have designed a flexible Intensive Outpatient Program to suit anyone seeking treatment. We have two different sessions. One begins at 9:00 am and the other begins at 6:00 pm. So whether you work or go to school we have an Intensive Outpatient Program for your lifestyle.  Our 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm program is for professionals who work all day and need a professional, discreet environment to feel comfortable enough to share about the struggles they have experienced as a result of substance use. Call now for your free consultation (818)433-7831 or email [email protected]