By: Eric Moore
May 11, 2018

What is Emotional Intelligence?

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One of the many by-products of mindfulness practice is the ability to understand the world of emotions and how they operate in the system. People who struggle with substance abuse typically suffer from a high degree of emotional stress and have little ability in managing emotions. Continued and sustained mindfulness practice allows individuals to develop and begin to move towards emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence (EI) is the process of learning how to identify, access, understand and manage the full range of human emotions.

EI is a set of skills and tools that can be well utilized during formal mindfulness practice as well as the day-to-day events of our busy lives. By employing the concentrative and attention retraining aspects of mindfulness, individuals can gain better access into the nature of their own emotions. Once they are able to respond to the world of emotions with an attitude of non-harming, our emotional life begins to improve. It can become an ongoing practice of self-inquiry and emotional therapy. It provides the initial tools and framework so we can become empowered to manage our emotions, even with limited outside support.

Resources provided by Buddhist Teacher, Dave Smith from Rebel Saint Dharma