By: Nick
January 28, 2023

Is Yoga Used in Rehab?

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If you’ve never struggled with an addiction before and had to go to rehab, you might think that rehab is only about counseling and group therapy or other things of that nature. But it turns out there’s a lot more to rehab than just counseling. There are several different treatment options depending on the individual and their needs, some of which are far from what you would expect. Many treatment centers now offer a range of holistic treatments that do more than counsel someone on the nature of addiction; they work to repair the damage to the mind and body that addiction has done. 

One popular type of therapy that is used to help those with addiction is Yoga therapy. Yoga therapy is just one of many new ideas that have come about in recent years that are changing the way that rehab works, improving the outcomes for individuals and giving them a better chance at long-term recovery. Multi Concept Recovery is dedicated to offering a multi-faceted approach to addiction recovery that uses tools and techniques from a variety of areas to give clients a personalized experience and improve their chances of success. Keep reading to learn more about how yoga is used in rehab and what it can do for you.

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What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is part of a new wave of treatment options that focus on treating the whole body and just the substance a person is addicted to. This has become part of most treatment centers’ approaches so that they can improve the outcomes of their clients who are struggling with addiction. 

Research has shown that traditional treatment approaches alone have a low chance of success and that a person’s chances of long-term recovery improve only by dealing with the underlying causes of addiction. This is likely because many people face emotional and physical difficulties when struggling with addiction; without understanding these problems, it is nearly impossible to stop using drugs safely. 

Yoga therapy is a different type of treatment that allows for a combination of exercise and spirituality, which can greatly benefit those in addiction recovery. 


How Can Yoga Improve Mental Health and General Well-being?

Most people who haven’t tried it think of yoga as just a form of exercise. While there is a lot of physical movement in yoga, one of the key components of yoga is the ability to focus on breathing and posture, rather than just going through the motions. 

In this way, those who practice yoga get the health benefits of exercise and stretching and the mental health benefits of learning how to focus and remain calm, which can help people better understand their own selves and how certain actions affect them. Many times a person can be unaware of their own mental state because they haven’t taken the time to reflect and understand their own emotions or reactions to triggers. This is why yoga is so important to overall wellness and not just physical health. 


Is Yoga Used in Drug Rehab?

Yoga is used in drug rehab for many of the same reasons that people who aren’t in rehab practice it. Yoga allows people to gain control of their emotions and focus inward, along with gaining physical strength and flexibility. 

As part of treatment, yoga is used to improve a person’s health and help them identify their own triggers that cause them to abuse drugs. Self-reflection is a great tool for this purpose, and the breathing and focus that they learn also helps them cope with triggers and events that may cause them to want to relapse. So yoga serves multiple purposes in terms of addiction treatment. 

Yoga is one of a variety of treatment options available at Multi Concept Recovery. We aim to use every tool at our disposal to provide unique and effective treatment options for dealing with drug addiction. 


How to Find Yoga Therapy Programs in Burbank, CA

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