By: Nick
February 22, 2023

Trends of Drug Abuse in Young Adults

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Anyone can be susceptible to addiction because addiction affects the body in ways that we cannot control. However, among the different populations of people affected by addiction, adolescents and young adults tend to be hit harder. In many places, drug addiction among young adults is on the rise, coupled with outside factors, making it difficult for many to get the help they need to break the cycle of addiction. In fact, many states report substance abuse in young adults as one of their primary concerns. 

Multi Concept Recovery offers a multi-faceted and holistic approach to addiction treatment that works for young adults and teens in Burbank, CA. One of the most difficult struggles for young adults with addiction is finding treatment that deals with the complex issues that often surround their addiction. Young adults report higher rates of substance abuse and mental health issues, which can compound the overall problem and make it more difficult to provide treatment. 

In this post, we will look at substance abuse trends among young adults and their unique challenges. Finally, we will explain how MCR offers addiction treatment for young adults in Burbank, CA. For young adult and teen treatment in Los Angeles, MCR can help.


Why Are Young Adults Vulnerable to Drug Abuse and Addiction?

Anyone can be affected by and succumb to addiction, but young adults are especially vulnerable to addiction for a few different reasons. 

First, there is pressure among peer groups to be socially accepted. In many cases, this can mean using drugs or alcohol to get approval from others. Though this pressure is not as impactful as it is on kids and teens, it is still present for young adults, particularly those who are still trying to figure out where they belong in their social circles. 

The atmosphere that many young adults find themselves in is also more conducive to drug use. Parties, concerts, and other activities are much more likely to involve drug use among young adults, and thus the urge to partake is more significant than in other areas. 

Lastly, young adults have been shown to have higher rates of mental illness or are more likely to report symptoms of mental illness, yet still not as likely to get treatment. This leads to many using drugs and alcohol to cope with their mental health issues rather than getting help. 

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Trends of Drug Abuse in Young Adults

Data on drug abuse by young adults and adolescents have been inconclusive in recent years due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that drug abuse numbers dipped sharply during the pandemic, presumably due to lack of access and other factors. 

However, the latest reports from 2022 show that the trending decline has halted, and estimates point to the decline reversing. Whether or not the number of teens and young adults abusing drugs is holding steady or rising, it still points to a troubling number of people who need addiction treatment and support who are not getting it. 


Multi Concept Recovery Offers Addiction Treatment For Young Adults in Burbank, CA

What we know about young adults and drug abuse is that the numbers do not appear to be getting any better, and most young adults are not apt to seek the help they need for their addiction. When this problem is coupled with a higher rate or higher self-identification with mental illness, it paints a stark picture for young adults that need addiction treatment. 

That’s why Multi Concept Recovery is committed to providing not just standard treatment programs but even specialized care so that young adults can have a program that will work for them, no matter their situation. 

We even have programs that are broken down by age range because we know that the struggles that a person deals with at one age will be different if they are older or younger, meaning that the type of treatment needed by teens is different from that of adults or college students. If you or a young person you know is struggling with an addiction and needs help, contact MCR today.