By: Nicole
August 28, 2020

Medication-Assisted Treatment: All You Need to Know

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When thinking about getting sober, most people associate it with never taking a drug again (unless it’s Advil or Tylenol). While sobriety and recovery mean no longer taking drugs, certain drugs and medications are sometimes used during the addiction treatment process. Addiction and recovery are different for everyone, therefore at Multi Concept Recovery, we offer numerous treatment options and tracks for our clients to pursue. One of our recovery options is medication-assisted treatment. We’d like to note that MAT treatment is used for certain substance use disorders. Please reach out to us if you’re interested in our MAT treatment program. 

What Is MAT Treatment?

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration,  Medication-Assisted Treatment, also known as MAT, is a combination of the use of medication and counseling/behavioral therapies. This MAT treatment is individualized and unique to each of our clients’ needs. This means if you are in our facility, your course of treatment with MAT might be different than someone else’s. All of the medication administered at Multi Concept Recovery is under the care of a physician. 


MAT treatments are usually used for the treatment of substances such as opioids, heroin, or prescribed painkillers. The MAT medications may help to relieve withdrawal symptoms that can be incredibly uncomfortable. These medications also help the physical and psychological issues that are caused by excessive drug use. Not only do MAT clients receive help with their addiction through this medication, but they also receive health or behavioral therapies. These behavioral therapies can consist of educational, vocational, medical, and other assessments. When combined with behavioral therapies, MAT treatment has been proven to be very successful within the recovery process and the maintenance of sobriety.


How MAT Treatment Helps With Addiction

The medication prescribed during MAT treatments is supposed to help regulate a person’s brain chemistry. When someone abuses drugs or alcohol, their natural brain chemistry gets altered. Cravings for drugs will also be curbed with the use of MAT treatment. Body functions will be normalized, and the body will no longer feel the euphoric feeling that comes with substance abuse. 


MAT treatment has been proved to be clinically effective, and it has been known to significantly reduce withdrawal symptoms and the amount of time needed for the detoxification process. MAT treatment approach has been proven to:


  • Increase/improve survival of the recovery addict
  • Increase retention in the clients treatment
  • Decrease opiate/opioid use
  • Increases/improves the clients ability to gain and maintain employment
  • Improve the birth outcomes of women who are pregnant and also who have a substance abuse disorder
  • Decrease the risk of patients contracting HIV, AIDs, or Hepatitis (this has been recently found within research)


These are just a few of the many benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment. Even though the MAT medication is not a way to cure certain substance abuse disorders, it may help relieve symptoms and even help the clients recovery process to become easier and more efficient, when coupled with behavioral therapy.

How Multi Concept Recovery Can Help

At Multi Concept Recovery, we tailor our addiction treatment programs to custom fit each of our clients’ individualized needs. This allows every client to find the recovery process that is most comfortable for them. We provide the resources and support for our clients to gain and maintain sobriety, while having a successful recovery. We want to help our clients understand all their options when it comes to their treatment and the support that they receive. Reach out to us today to find the treatment that best fits you or your loved one’s needs, whether that be with the MAT treatment or another one of our many treatment options.