By: Nicole
July 9, 2020

Can I Go to Rehab After Work?

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Here at Multi Concept Recovery, we know it can be hard to juggle all the different things in your life, whether that be work, education, family time, etc. With all the business, it can be hard to find time to work on your recovery. At our facility, we offer different evening and nighttime programs for individuals to find the right time to receive the help they need.


Establishing If You Have an Addiction

First things first, establishing if you are having issues with substance abuse or have an addiction is the first step to receiving help. There may be signs that you are noticing when it comes to changes physically and behaviorally due to substance abuse. These signs may include things such as:

  • You start to experience cravings for the substance.
  • Your tolerance towards this substance has increased.
  • When you don’t use this substance, you experience some withdrawal symptoms.
  • You seem to be physically and mentally dependent on this substance, and notice differences when you don’t use this substance.
  • You have lifestyle changes, and your life revolves around this substance, whether this be using or getting.
  • In spite of the consequences of using this substance, you continue to use it.
  • You have started to engage in activities you never thought you would, due to this substance abuse. (This could be anything, especially criminal activity.)
  • You may hide your drug use from people you are around, especially when the abuse gets worse.
  • You change the group that you surround yourself with. (This may be because your old friends do not approve of your habits, or that you try to find people who are engaging in the same habits that you are.)
  • You have a co-occuring disorder that has gotten worse with substance abuse.


How to Continue to Work and Go to Rehab

We understand that each individual has different priorities within their life, whether that be family, faith work, friends, hobbies, etc. We also understand that sometimes it is hard to find time to really focus on better oneself. Going to rehab after work, is one way to prioritize while going through the recovery process. If you feel comfortable, searching to find if there are ways to prioritize your recovery while at work would also be beneficial. This could be discussing with your boss reasons why you may need to leave an hour early for treatment, or even taking personal days for treatment as well. 


Addiction Treatment in the Evening at Multi Concept Recovery

At Multi Concept Recovery, we offer different treatment programs that can fit right into your schedule. If you want to continue with your career while working on your sobriety, our evening or nighttime intensive outpatient treatment programs could be a great option for you. 

Our evening IOP and nighttime IOP helps our clients obtain knowledge about their addiction and how to become the most successful in their recovery process. These programs help provide them with guidance to develop better coping skills, a greater ability in understanding their addiction, and an unique, individualized treatment for their recovery. 

This evening and night time intensive outpatient care fits into some of the busiest schedules and can be accomplished after our clients busy day comes to a close.


How Multi Concept Recovery Can Help

We at Multi Concept Recovery want you to choose the times that work best for you and your schedule, when it comes to your recovery process. With our help, you don’t have to choose between your career and sobriety. You can achieve both at the same time! Reach out to us today, to receive the appropriate care that you desire, during the time that you desire, for your recovery process.