Julie Lovich, AMFT


Julie Lovich is an Associate Marriage and Family therapist working out of Multi Concept Recovery in Burbank, Ca. Julie graduated from Pacific Oaks College with a master’s degree in Marriage and Family therapy and an emphasis in Trauma Studies. Julie’s scholarship and interests have primarily focused on trauma, culturally informed care, and social justice.

Julie began her clinical experience working with those in a psychiatric hospital struggling with grave mental illness, dual diagnosis, severe trauma, and substance use disorders. Julie transitioned to working with Peace Over Violence where she honed her skills in trauma focused care with survivors of intimate partner violence, domestic violence, and sexualized violence. Julie finds deep meaning in working with trauma survivors through a multi-modal lens that first addresses the body’s response to trauma, negative core beliefs and perceptions of the self, and mindfulness.

Julie’s enthusiasm for psychology and being of service to others began as early as her teens. As a high school student, she became a peer educator and counselor, serving as a support for fellow students struggling with mental health issues, substance abuse, and family conflict. In her undergraduate studies, Julie pursued studio art where she made multiple bodies of work which explored the overlap of psychology, trauma, and perceptions of self. Julie pursued marriage and family therapy as a graduate student in the effort to marry all of her interests: being of service to others, creating direct positive change in her community, and continuous exploration of the tenacity of the human spirit.

Julie is invested in using her skills as a therapist to challenge systems of violence on an interpersonal level. Julie’s work as a therapist is grounded in the intention to support her clients in their journey to feel fully seen, validated, and empowered.