Tori Ratchford, CADC-II

Program Manager

Tori Ratchford brings a unique approach to Multi Concept Recovery (MCR) by harnessing her gifts of finely tuned healing and perception in her work as a Program Manager and Counselor. Tori understands the struggles that substance use can cause and is experienced to assist in the person’s ultimate goal of recovery. Tori has her CADC-II, is a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher, a certified RTT (rapid transformational therapy) hypnosis practitioner and is trained in Neurofeedback. She utilizes her mindfulness-based groups and personal practice to provide MCR’s clients with a different perspective around recovery.

As a Program Manager, her approach is to support a healthy environment for all that come into MCR’s facility looking for help. Tori implements her own healing path and Buddhist practices by utilizing meditation, breathing techniques, and mindfulness which allows for a healthy path for clients in need, allowing for them to maintain a sustained healthy lifestyle.

Tori’s goal is to help people cultivate loving-kindness and compassion encouraging the ability to maintain a healthy balance of mind, body, and soul, in engaging the person’s inner self-love path through Heart Practices. By using the Buddhist principles of the Four Noble Truths, 8-Fold Path, and Buddhist philosophy, she helps people lead themselves to a better lifestyle while maintaining solid sobriety and developing a state of inner fulfillment.