Sommer Elawwad, RADT

Admissions Coordinator

In September of 2016, Sommer Elawwad moved to California from Charleston, SC with the motivation to begin a better life for herself. Sommer’s passion for helping others inspired her to begin working to obtain her Bachelors of Science for Nursing.

Having her own experience in treatment has given Sommer a unique perspective that allows her to help others through their treatment experience. She has been working in the substance abuse and mental health field since 2017. Her compassion and patience have led her to dedicate herself to helping others fight the battle of the disease of addiction.
With Sommer’s personability, knowledge, and insight on substance abuse/mental health, it is no surprise Multi Concept Recovery has her in the role of Admissions Coordinator. The skills, tools and dedicated compassion she possesses will make any new client feel welcomed into our MCR family.