By: Nick
March 29, 2023

Tips For a Successful Drug Intervention

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When your loved one has an addiction, you first want to get them into a rehab program that is right for them. The trouble with that is that not everyone who needs rehab is ready to get it. Getting someone to admit they have a problem is hard enough; getting them to actually go to rehab is even more challenging.

Drug intervention programs have existed for many years and have played a key role in getting people with addiction to accept that they have a problem and need help. It is not always just about the addiction, sometimes those with an addiction need help to see reasons why they should go into treatment and make an honest effort to recover from their addiction.

Multi Concept Recovery is here to offer help with all stages of your loved one’s addiction. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a customized approach with our Los Angeles addiction treatment programs, because each and every person deserves a chance at recovery. 

Why Are Drug Interventions Necessary? 

You may think, surely my loved one knows the harm that an addiction has caused them, which is enough to get them to seek treatment. This typically isn’t the case, though. Most people with an addiction don’t realize or don’t care about the harm the addiction has caused to themselves. They see themselves stuck in a vicious cycle that never ends or do not believe they have a problem. 

In some cases, they may feel like they are alone and that the struggles they face are theirs alone to deal with. For this reason, they will not ask for help, and they certainly won’t try to go into treatment. 

An intervention is usually the only way to get these types of people to realize that their addiction is doing more harm than they know and hurting not just them, but their loved ones and friends as well. This is why interventions are the key to getting many people safely into treatment.


Tips For Holding a Drug Intervention 

The first thing to know about holding a drug intervention is that interventions are meant to help motivate a person to get help with a drug or alcohol addiction.

When you are considering holding an intervention, one of your primary considerations should be finding the right location to hold the intervention. You want somewhere where all the friends and family of the person with the addiction can gather, but that also feels safe and comfortable. It can be a relative’s house or even a public facility so long as it is a safe space where everyone can communicate freely and without judgment. 

Gather together people that care about the person in question and have them prepare statements in advance. Talk openly about the harm that addiction has caused to everyone involved. You should also work to reinforce that the person can get help and that everyone there is there to support and help them. Positive reinforcement is always the best policy when it comes to holding an intervention. 

If you’re still struggling to figure out what to do, then it may be time to bring in a professional drug intervention specialist. By hiring a specialist, you’ll be able to focus on what matters, getting your loved one the help they need for their addiction. Intervention specialists work to build the intervention and lead it so that the folks present can say what they need to say without worrying, and the person with whom the intervention is being held for will hopefully get the message. Putting someone else in charge can make things a lot easier when it comes time to hold the actual intervention. 

Let Multi Concept Recovery Help With Your Intervention Today 

When you’re ready to hold an intervention to get your loved one treatment, let our team of drug interventionists be there to help you. We know the struggle of dealing with addiction, and having a professional on your side that can lead the way can make all the difference in whether your intervention is a success or a failure. 

Once the intervention is complete, you can check your loved one into our facility, where they will get top-notch care with a modern approach to addiction treatment that treats the individual, not just the drug. MCR is a Burbank drug rehab center that can help. Don’t wait any longer; get help today at Multi Concept Recovery.