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Growing up is tough no matter how you slice it.These days, with everyone and everything being so interconnected, mental health issues seem more prevalent than ever and can become exacerbated easily by the relentless onslaught of being “on” 24/7. It can feel hectic, chaotic and overwhelming out there even for adults. Imagine that plus the stresses of school, peers and the like and you get a picture of the world that teens face. While some teens will “grow out of it”, is that a risk worth taking with your child?
Fortunately, there are viable solutions right here in LA, in rehab centers in Burbank.

What Are Mental Health Problems

That Teens Go Through?

Teenage life, as you know from experience, is filled with ups and downs. The ups are great and the downs, well, not so much. Moodiness goes with the territory with adolescence but there’s a fine line between that and tangible mental health problems. Some of the ones they might face are:

Eating Disorders – How teens see themselves and the comparisons to what’s “ideal” can have dramatic effects on body image which can, in turn, lead to detrimental behavior like anorexia or bulimia.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – More commonly known by its acronym, ADHD, close to 10% of children aged 2 to 17 have received a diagnosis. ADHD makes it tough for one to focus and 6 in 10 children have at least one co-occurring mental, emotional or behavioral disorder.

Substance Abuse – Be it peer pressure, curiosity, experimentation, self-medication, etc. whatever the reason people try drugs or alcohol, the risk of substance abuse is ever-present for teens. And it’s important to note that addiction to drugs or alcohol is a mental illness and can affect brain development.

By 12th grade, about two-thirds of students have tried alcohol. About half of 9th through 12th grade have used marijuana and among 12th graders, close to 2 in 10 reported using prescription medicine without a prescription.

Anxiety – As mentioned, teens already have a lot on their plates to worry about and the hyperconnected, 24/7 age of technology we now live in, adds another layer. Almost 32% of those aged 13 to 18 had an anxiety disorder with 8.3% having it cause severe impairment.

Depression – This isn’t a case of just being sad. This is the type of problem that lasts weeks or months and makes things like basic concentration difficult.

Among 12-17 year old’s, 13.3% had at least 1 major depressive episode.

Partial Day Program

Intensive Outpatient

Outpatient Program

Family Approach

Does My Child Need Help

for Their Mental Health?

Holding out hope that your child can just pull themselves out of whatever ails them is not the best strategy when dealing with issues like substance abuse and depression. Any of the aforementioned mental health issues can grow worse if left unchecked and they can often compound each other. Substances can become a coping mechanism for example.

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    Symptoms of Mental Health Issues in Your Teens

    Per the National Institute on Mental Health, here’s what to look out for.

    Symptoms of Mental Health in Your Teens

    • Lost interest in things that they used to enjoy
    • Low energy
    • Irritability
    • Muscle tension
    • Struggles with concentration
    • Sleep too much or too little or seem sleepy throughout the day
    • Spending more and more time alone and avoiding social activities with friends or family
    • Fear gaining weight, or diet or exercise excessively
    • Engaging in self-harm behaviors
    • Smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs
    • Engage in risky or destructive behavior alone or with friends
    • Having thoughts of suicide
    • Periods of highly elevated energy and activity and require much less sleep than usual
    • Say that they think someone is trying to control their mind or that they hear things that other people cannot hear


    Signs Your Teen Needs Help

    All of the above are signs your teen is struggling and may need help getting through their mental health issues. If you pick up on behavior that’s well outside of the ordinary, seeking help might make the difference in ensuring both continued development and a positive life.

    New Perspectives Require New Concepts. Request a Callback 24/7

    What Methods Are Used to Treat Teens in Los Angeles?

    Treatment for teens runs the gamut from medication to outpatient treatment or a residential treatment program to family therapy and more. All methods are dependent on the issues your teen is going through. For something like substance abuse, residential treatment centers may be the best fit. While anxiety or depression may require a different approach.

    At Multi Concept Recovery, our treatment is fully predicated on your teens’ needs and tailored to ensure they have the best shot at success be it our Los Angeles outpatient rehab or partial day stays, the goal is always to put in place what’s best for your child.

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    While teenagers are susceptible to mental health issues, they are also incredibly resilient. They just need a little help. That’s what our team is for. Our experienced and passionate team is ready to create a personalized Los Angeles teen treatment plan for your teen to get them back on track. Give us a call today.

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