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Learn more about the partial day drug rehab program in Burbank, CA at Multi Concept Recovery. Our Los Angeles area treatment program allows for a truly customized experience when overcoming substance abuse.

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Addiction. Even the name can sound so powerful and scary. And for many it indeed is. But what actually is the disease of drug addiction? And how can it can it be overcome? Addiction is the condition or situation in which people compulsively and chronically use substances or act out behaviors that are detrimental to their well being. In many cases, not only is the individual affected but his or her family, or close associates, are affected as well.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, addiction is often associated with cognitive impairments such as a diminished ability to remember, the inability to render smart judgments, an increased difficulty to learn. Fortunately, addiction can be effectively treated and managed by healthcare professionals in combination with family or peer support. If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction help is available. Multi Concept Recovery is here to help.

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Partial Day Program?

Partial day programs are highly comprehensive, multi-faceted, intensive treatment programs that do not involve the patient or client staying at a treatment facility 24 hours per day for an extended period. Such programs are ideal for many people who are suffering from addiction because it addresses the acute addictive symptoms that are difficult to manage while at the same time providing maximum flexibility for the patient to conduct their normal activities with a great degree of freedom.

Partial day programs offer several distinct advantages for people in recovery. In addition to promoting the psychological well being of the patient by maximizing their ability to carry on with their life, they also provide the opportunity for regular group-oriented therapy approaches with others suffering from the same afflictions. This can be quite effective in overcoming addiction. The patient has regular access to highly trained professionals such as psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, and other health practitioners. In most cases, the patient’s anonymity is preserved, thereby detaching any stigma or misplaced shame from the healing process. The overall goal of the partial day program is the development of new skills that enable attendees to better manage and ultimately overcome their addictive compulsions in order to better live their lives.

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    Our Unique Tracks for Treating Addiction

    We believe clients are best served by participating in and choosing their own path to recovery. Multi-Concept Recovery has created a multi-track treatment community offering the following paths:

    Traditional Treatment Track

    The Traditional Treatment Track provides many traditional evidence-based treatment options. For example, we offer Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), 12 Step & Non-12 Step Program Education, Medication Assisted Therapy, etc. Every client is told to search for a community that will support them in recovery. Long-term recovery is possible with a combination of support groups and therapies.

    Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness

    Our program creates a space for clients to learn about their own emotions and how to understand and react to these emotions. This emotional intelligence that our clients build helps them to make more mindful decisions that can help control their addiction. Every person who is a part of this program learns how to practice mindfulness on a daily basis and cultivate emotional intelligence that can be used in their everyday life through meditation and more.

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    Burbank Partial
    Day Program?

    Multi Concept Recovery, conveniently located in Burbank, California, can help those with addictions recover and get their life back. Recovery is possible when denial is replaced by willingness. But even the willing may need professional help.

    We offer partial day programs as an integral part of our treatment offerings. Treatment is based on the philosophy that change comes from empowerment.  Empowerment comes to those willing to move forward as they learn new tools and adopt new attitudes for life management. This holistic approach is fully embodied in the name: Multi Concept Recovery.

    All activities and therapies used at Multi Concept Recovery are governed by a critical set of core values. The values are ethics, authenticity, empathy, innovation, trust, and organizational evolution. These values ensure that every individual is served with the compassion and professionalism that is paramount for an effective therapeutic setting. These values are woven together to provide a powerful, customized program for recovery at the Burbank location.

    Some of the techniques and therapies that are utilized by our staff include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT), Motivational Interviewing, Holistic Mindfulness, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). All of these are proven practices in addiction recovery, especially when used in combination and within an empathetic professional setting.

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    at Our Burbank
    Partial Day Program?

    When you arrive at Multi Concept Recovery, you can expect to be treated with a high degree of respect and empathy. A comprehensive intake assessment, covering substance abuse, as well as mental and physical health, is initially administered. This personalized assessment profile is continuously used and updated as the healing process gets underway.

    Initial treatment generally focuses on the reduction and control of addiction-related symptoms. This typically results in an initial degree of newfound confidence from which a powerful relapse-prevention plan can be designed and implemented. At this point, numerous tools, therapies, and treatments for recovery are presented.  Each person is different. Some of these approaches may resonate more or less with each individual. Accordingly, the client is deeply involved with the construction of this plan, essentially choosing their own path to recovery under the guidance of trained professionals.

    Many people that have known someone suffering from addiction are aware that it isn’t simply a personal problem; it is also a family disease. Loved ones within the close sphere of the afflicted individual can suffer greatly. In addition to individualized therapy, Multi Concept Recovery also provides families with specific resources to help with the healing process. Family members are encouraged to enter into therapy sessions where they will be guided by staff therapists on how to communicate in a more effective, healthy manner. Regularly scheduled family-support meetings take place to help with the myriad of interrelated issues that confront the loved ones of the recovering individual.

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    When it comes to treating substance abuse, Multi Concept Recovery truly understands. We have walked in your shoes and been through the journey of recovery, so when we say recovery is possible, we know it.

    Don’t let addiction take anything else from you. Contact Multi Concept Recovery in Burbank, CA, conveniently located in the San Fernando Valley. Call us today at 1-866-816-7598 today.

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    “Recovery is possible when denial is replaced by willingness.”
    – Eric Moore, COO

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