Staying Sober in Social Settings

There is a huge difference between getting sober and staying sober. If you are early in your recovery, you are no doubt doing your best to work on your individual program of recovery. While you may feel confident that you can stay in recovery, the real litmus test is encountering social situations such as family […]

How To Make It Through The Holidays Sober

Holidays are hard Sobriety is hard enough during regular times. Holidays are much harder, because of many reasons. For many people, holidays are a reminder of mistakes they’ve made and relationships that are beyond repair. For others, holidays bring back memories of happier times when things seemed simpler. To make it worse, the holidays are […]

The Benefits of Having Good Emotional Intelligence in Sobriety

For those who are yet unfamiliar, the concept of emotional intelligence describes the capacity we have to identify, employ, understand, and control our emotions in the most positive way possible. Ideally, we should all be striving for a high level of emotional intelligence as this allows us to easily overcome conflicts, communicate more effectively, empathize […]

Learning to have fun in Sobriety

Now that you are on track with your life in recovery it is time to make your life have meaning and enjoy yourself to the maximum. Living a sober life is no easy feat for someone who has been abusing substances to forget your insecurities and shortcomings. You must guard yourself at every turn so that you […]

How to Tell Your Boss You Need Rehab

Telling your employer you need to go to rehab can be a daunting task. Going to rehab is a big decision, an important one that can change your life for the better. Before you go, though, it is important to have your house in order, so to speak. This means paying bills, making arranging for […]

Why Los Angeles is a Great Place to Recover

Los Angeles

Making a change in your life, like admitting you need help to cut drugs and alcohol out and live healthier, is a big step. If you think you are ready to take this on, the first thing you’ll need to do is decide where you will seek addiction treatment and live your life once you’re […]

How to Practice Self-Love in Recovery

practicing self love

It is reported that more than one in seven Americans ages twelve and older currently suffer from substance abuse, which amounts to at least forty million citizens. Addiction and substance abuse disorders have officially surpassed rates of heart conditions, cancer, and diabetes. Rates of mental illness vary wildly but it is very common for addicts […]

7 Celebrities Who are Living Examples of Recovery

Addiction is a disease that can happen to anyone, at any time in their lives. It comes into play both during the highs and lows of life. No one ever intentionally becomes addicted to a substance. In many cases, it can be a result of prolonged use of prescription medication that spiraled out of control, […]