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Don’t let the mind tell you any more lies. Recovery is possible. Multi Concept Recovery offers a customized intensive outpatient program in Burbank, CA in the Los Angeles area. We offer Intensive Outpatient levels of care in, both, our Mental Health Programs (for adults and adolescents) and our Addiction Treatment Program (for adults). Our unique, personalized program allows you to participate in your treatment planning and offers you a treatment experience that is based on your individual needs. Keep reading or call us today if you are ready to stop living in active addiction and/or suffering from mental health issues.

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Addiction is more common in the United States now than ever. With this addiction epidemic comes the need for comprehensive treatment and centers that serve diverse populations with different backgrounds and different reasons for their addictions. If addiction is not treated properly by medical and behavioral professionals, the symptoms can become deadly. It is estimated that over 72,000 people in the U.S. died in 2017 due to overdoses and complications from substance abuse. This number has been gradually increasing over the past decade.

Loved ones of those who are addicted also suffer in other ways. They are harmed emotionally and constantly stressed out in ways that are not easily quantified into statistics. Because of the possibility of severe health complications and loss of life, treatment and recovery need to be taken seriously. It is important to know your options. Outpatient programs can help those who do not need to be hospitalized but also cannot overcome their substance abuse problems on their own. Our outpatient programs can provide guidance and treatment, as well as a certain amount of freedom and scheduling options.

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Intensive Outpatient Programs are normally recommended to begin the recovery phase after being medically cleared by a doctor. After an individual can safely leave a hospital or primary care facility, when the dangers of withdrawal or other health complications associated with addiction have been minimized, the person can enter an outpatient program to begin to treat their addictions and function without abusing drugs or alcohol. Intensive Outpatient Programs are important to avoid the physical and psychological damage that can be caused by relapsing into addiction during this crucial time period. These programs give guidance to develop coping skills and better understand their addictions.

This can be accomplished through either group therapy sessions or individualized counseling. By undergoing treatment in such a program, those with addiction problems can utilize the bonds they form with others as well as services and support from their families and communities to find a path to recovery that works for them. It is helpful to be enrolled in an Intensive Outpatient Program to obtain specialized knowledge about addiction, individualized coping mechanisms, and a support network that can include professionals at the facility, others undergoing the same process of treatment, and friends or family members. The most complete, lasting aspects of recovery tend to be achieved through appropriate supportive relationships. This is why communication and interaction with others and proper social support is so important during the treatment phase.

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    Our Unique Tracks for Treating Addiction

    We believe clients are best served by participating in and choosing their own path to recovery. Multi-Concept Recovery has created a multi-track treatment community offering the following paths:

    Traditional Treatment Track

    This program offers a variety of traditional evidence-based treatment modalities including but not limited to; Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), 12 Step & Non-12 Step Program Education, Medication Assisted Therapy, etc. All participants are encouraged to seek outside support groups and create a community of recovery to ensure long-term success. We know from various studies and years of experience, that those who utilize an outside support group/program of recovery alongside evidenced-based therapies are more likely to remain in long-term recovery.

    Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness

    Emotional intelligence is one of the many bi-products of regular mindfulness practice, this program helps clients identify emotions, access emotions, understand emotions and manage emotions. The long-term skills our clients develop include being able to choose what they become emotional over and when, how they behave, or respond when they have become emotional and increase the gap between stimulus and response by developing and maintaining a regular Mindfulness Practice. All the groups in the EI program have mindfulness at the core of them and either begin or end with meditation.

    New Perspectives Require New Concepts. Request a Callback 24/7

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    Because struggling with addiction can be stressful, the favored method of treatment at Multi-Concept Recovery is to allow patients to still function normally and attend work or school and spend time with their families while undergoing treatment. This can be accomplished through flexible scheduling such as evening sessions, along with randomized drug-testing to make sure those participating in the program will not relapse. Programs begin at either 9:00am or 6:00pm to accommodate both day and evening schedules. Our scheduling also allows for privacy. Those receiving treatment at convenient times will not have to go through the process of requesting time away from work or other obligations. This unique process has shown great effectiveness.

    On top of our open scheduling, when you choose Multi Concept Recovery for addiction treatment you are offered the opportunity to participate in your own treatment planning. After thorough assessments, our clinical staff work diligently to provide you with a personalized treatment program that fits your individual needs. As recovering people, we at Multi Concept Recovery understand that when it comes to treating addiction the same treatment doesn’t always work for everyone. Instead, we believe in offering clients a unique chance to experience different therapies and tools that fit their unique situations and circumstances based on their history and personal needs.

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    An outpatient program such as this one gives individuals personal responsibility for their recovery. Therefore, this program is best suited for individuals who wish to preserve their freedom during times of recovery, but they must also be willing to take a certain amount of responsibility. This includes being vigilant of their condition, even while away from the treatment center. Those with the most severe addictions who require constant monitoring may not be able to handle an intensive outpatient setting without constant monitoring and support. This option is best for those who are confident that they can maintain a stable lifestyle during treatment without around the clock accountability. Intensive Outpatient Treatment also emphasizes self-management techniques. Ideally, those participating in a program such as this will find and utilize resources outside of the facility and program hours to help support their recovery efforts. An Intensive Outpatient Treatment program offers professional guidance, but much of the responsibility for continued sobriety still falls upon the individual, as this program will not be the most engrossing aspect of their life.

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    Multi-Concept Recovery is dedicated to addressing all of a person’s needs in an ethical and wholistic manner. This approach to recovery has a proven track-record of success. Our staff is available to address your questions and concerns. Please contact us today by phone or email to discuss treatment options. When speaking with us, you can be assured that we will cater to your scheduling needs and other special requests and accommodations. A treatment professional can begin the process with an evaluation of your individual condition and proper course to recovery. We also have a number of convenient payment options. We look forward to seeing you at our addiction treatment center in Burbank.

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