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Multi Concept Recovery is not your typical addiction treatment center. We believe in a truly customized approach to treating addiction. Experience has shown us that no two clients are alike, each deserves a truly individualized approach. Learn more about our San Fernando Valley area addiction treatment program.

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At Multi-Concept Recovery, we offer clients the power of choice. When it comes to treating mental health and substance abuse, MCR believes in evidence-based, individualized treatment in order to achieve long-term recovery. We provide a program that is different than most typical treatment programs. We understand that no two clients are alike when it comes to mental health disorders and substance abuse.

We recognized a need for a truly customizable approach to treating in order to increase success rates and improve the rate of long-term recovery. Our goal is simple, we aim to treat the entire person; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We assess and supply clients with the treatment techniques needed for their personal situations and needs. The bottom line: we understand that the disease of addiction and mental health disorders do not discriminate, however, when it comes to recovery there are multiple paths.


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At Multi Concept Recovery (MCR), we provide a comprehensive intake assessment for both substance abuse and mental health disorders. This assessment tool is used and updated daily and continues throughout the client’s individualized treatment. People said to have co-occurring disorders (COD) have one or more disorders relating to the use of alcohol and/or other drugs of abuse as well as one or more mental disorders. We offer our clients hope and help by providing services to stabilize and control their symptoms.

Once symptoms are reduced and manageable, confidence is restored and a stronger relapse prevention plan can be maintained. Our multi-track integrated treatment model allows the client to pick from the Traditional Treatment Program or Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness Program for their treatment. MCR allows for choice!

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    Our Unique Tracks for Treating Addiction

    We believe clients are best served by participating in and choosing their own path to recovery. Multi-Concept Recovery has created a multi-track treatment community offering the following paths:

    Traditional Treatment Track

    This program offers a variety of traditional evidence-based treatment modalities including but not limited to; Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), 12 Step Program Education, Medication Assisted Treatment, etc. All participants are encouraged to seek outside support groups and create a community of recovery to ensure long-term success. We know from various studies and years of experience, that those who utilize an outside support group/program of recovery alongside evidenced-based therapies are more likely to remain in long-term recovery.

    Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness

    Emotional intelligence is one of the many bi-products of regular mindfulness practice. This program helps clients identify emotions, access emotions, understand emotions and manage emotions. The long-term skills our clients develop include: being able to choose what they become emotional over and when, how they behave or respond when they have become emotional, and the ability to increase the gap between stimulus and response by developing and maintaining a regular Mindfulness Practice. If people can increase awareness around their emotions, then they will have the influence necessary to intervene on them prior to a destructive emotional episode that could cause a relapse to occur. All the groups in the EI program have mindfulness at the core of them and either begin or end with meditation.

    New Perspectives Require New Concepts. Request a Callback 24/7

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    At MCR, we view our clients with co-occurring disorders and their treatment in the context of their culture, ethnicity, geographic area, socioeconomic status, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, spirituality, and any physical or cognitive disabilities. Multi Concept Recovery addresses these distinctions to evaluate the unique ways in which a client’s culture may have influenced a co-occurring disorder, leaving no stone unturned to treat each client with the dignity and respect they deserve.

    The MCR staff is highly trained and supportive. All clients are exposed to a variety of treatment approaches that are evidence-based treatment modalities, proven to work. We then allow the clients to choose, based on their experiences, which treatment modality they would like to continue with for the rest of their journey.

    Treatment at MCR is most certainly not a “one size fits all” type of program. We work with the clients individually to formulate a plan that will assist them to accomplish their goals. “The success of the client is, after all, determined by them and them alone.”  This is truly a client-centered approach unique to the addiction treatment industry.

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    “Recovery is possible when denial is replaced by willingness.”
    – Eric Moore, COO